Have you found anything lovely by chance? Personally I have found good bands by simply flicking through random YouTube links. I have found good restaurants by taking a backstreet on my way to somewhere. But i also get a sense it can mean something deeper than that, Something in the mind maybe. The details … More TROUVAILLE


Credit: Katarina Stefanović | click for original Vaarsu stood tall on the rocky outcrop, his cloak flapping in the breeze like a large purple flag. He could see far into the kingdom in all directions but his eye kept resting on the mountains in the East or more specifically the blue lake that was visible … More BLUE LAKE


They had traveled a road well worn and seen many things over the course of their lives. They had had many cubs together and some of them were still part of the pride in which they found themselves. Their will to survive was strong but they could only do so much, this journey may well … More LION


The Land Rovers bucked left and right over the rough terrain, the occupants holding onto anything that they could trying to prevent them from being flung out of their seats, although there were a few sore heads as mistimed attempts to go with the rolls resulted in bashed scalps against the metal frame. Stuart held … More MAREE MAN


It is only when you sit down and think about your day on a regular basis that you realise just how fucking samey life is. I use the word you but I of course mean me, I am not really into using the word “one” to represent myself, so I will rarely if ever says … More DEAR DIARY


This was originally published on another blog from a prompt that used to be posted. I felt it was in keeping with this blog and so have republished it here. Wu wei, or non-doing, is a Taoist practice involving letting one’s action follow the simple and spontaneous course of nature rather than interfering with the … More WU WEI


The whispered tones faded to silence as the man in the white lab coat approached them. He stood for several minutes just looking at them and no words uttered from his mouth during that time. They all felt sufficiently intimidated as their teacher had warned them and none could hold his gaze for longer than … More THE ROOM


The sleek black hull of the Ashimmu blended in almost perfectly with the backdrop of the depths of space, everything on board had been shut down, no electronic noise at all, she was like a hole in space, listening. Here on the edge of the known universe they would be far from any rescue attempt … More SURPRISE ATTACK


Even though I felt that I had a good night’s sleep tiredness pulls at my eyelids, my mood to pretty much everything is indifferent, an argument with my boss this morning and words with my missus last night means the mood for the week has pretty much been set. Fuck’em all, they can go do … More MOOD


Gunnar strode into the small armoury dressed in an oversized parka that made him look twice as big as normal. He unlocked one of the cabinets and took out a rifle and start loading bullets into it. “What’s going on” I asked, watching him concentrate on loading the gun. “Why the gun?” “Ahh you not … More RAIDING PARTY