Three narrow beams of light dancing in the darkness momentarily highlighting mouldy wallpaper, broken plasterboard and patches of dank, oozing liquid borne from multiple leaks in the roof several stories above them. The door however was surprisingly sturdy, requiring the sustained kicks of two of the party members to get the lock to break and … More TOME


On certain days, days like today, you can see it happening before your very eyes. It looks as if the Sun moves across the sky; slowly getting lower the further it moves. Of course it isn’t really the Sun moving it is us, the small pale blue dot as Sagen so eloquently put it, home … More ONE STEP CLOSER


Not a story just a collection of thoughts and feelings based around the picture. I wish I were there watching this with her. Because of the colour the sky seems angry and yet really it is a calm and beautiful sunset. Once the Earth moves a little the sun will set and night time will … More SUNSET


Some time ago on another blog the author used to do a series of posts called “prompts for the promptless” some pretty interesting things that made you think were posted within those posts. Some of them were based on words and one particular word that she used was “Saudade”. I think in English it is … More SAUDADE


Zurich. What a stunning city. When I see images like this my imagination is captured, I look at any one of those windows that you can see and I wonder what and who is behind them, small offices maybe with people working late working to deadlines, or maybe small apartments where people are living their … More ZURICH


Standing tall and straight, the grey suit fit well being just the right length in the leg, showing a small amount of sock before highlighting the highly polished black shoes. The crisp white shirt held taut at the neck with a smart blue tie, cuff links at the wrist. freshly shaven, hair freshly cut. ready … More BEYOND THE CURSORY


Originally written in response to Inspiration Monday Isn’t it scary that your life can change literally within 1 minute? 60 short seconds and everything within your own or someone else’s life can completely and utterly change; sometimes for the better such as winning the lottery for example. You could be sitting there on your couch … More CARDIAC


I had a dream recently that I was singing Spinning Plates (Radiohead). In real life this would be a bad bad thing as I sound like an agonised cat when I sing for real (maybe why I like a lot of ambient tracks) but no in this dream I sang it very well; least in … More SPINNING PLATES


And so my imagination wanders off again… As an art form little can beat a photograph, for me they allow my mind to wander into other places. I love the shadows cast by the lamps, the orange/yellow hue settling my mood, deep shadows in the corners and a cold, yet light and steady rain falling … More PIER


Clouds and Dusk, A combination that I will never tire of, In the Winter the chill of the air and in Summer the residual heat from the ground (if your lucky to live in a warm place) add additional layers of effect for the photographer at least when taking the shot. This was taken in … More DUSK & CLOUDS