You wouldn’t think it given my haphazard posting on this blog but I do like writing here. Sometimes it just all feels a bit much and so I back away, probably more so I just have no motivation, but then times goes on and I see some inspiration somewhere and want to start again. Yes … More AT THIS AGE


If I close my eyes hard enough I can remember some of the details (although not all) plenty of years have passed in-between and whilst not senile I do struggle to remember some details. What triggered this jigsaw piece of memory was a shower that I have just taken. The beach is sandy and hot. … More A DAY IN THE SUN


I wish that I could take photographs like this and have the knowledge of photoshop to manipulate them in such a magnificent way. Actually on researching this I found a website on the pier, although the pictures are nowhere near as dynamic and exciting as this one. As a photograph I find it fantastic, the … More CLEVEDON PIER


You have spent the day together and your heart feels light, a rush of emotions make you feel on top of the world, it doesn’t get much better than this. The last rays of sunshine begin to disappear but it is still warm and you walk hand in hand enjoying the moment. You come across … More FIRST KISS


I was thinking recently about where I would live if money was not an issue. I think ultimately my ideal place would be in view of the ocean so that I would witness the storms roll in and the power of the waves as they came crashing down. For me I cannot think of anything … More WISHFUL THINKING


Had anyone been left alive to witness it the sky would have been an incredible sight! It was deep red, angry, swirling and constantly shimmering, no clouds existed any more, at least not clouds as you would recognise them. These were more like corrosive gases and rushed to and fro. The Sun had expanded many … More THE DYING SKY


Normally this relates to that annoying song you may have heard last on the radio or TV. But sometimes, just sometimes it is a sound that you don’t want to go away. An incredible music track that has just finished. A storm that has just passed. You were lost in that moment and then it … More YUYIN


“I can hear them coming, we should leave.”“I cannot hear a thing.”“Then listen carefully”… hiss… “your hearing will be the death of us.”“Yes I hear them now, it’s faint though.”“It’s close enough, we need to go… now!” Smudge and Pickle smelt the air, they could smell the oncoming humans and also another smell, a far … More THE WOODS