It is only when you sit down and think about your day on a regular basis that you realise just how fucking samey life is. I use the word you but I of course mean me, I am not really into using the word “one” to represent myself, so I will rarely if ever says … More DEAR DIARY


Back when I was about 16 years old. My cousins lived down on the South Coast and I went down there on my own by train and my parents were driving down the next day. I caught my train from East Croydon and I had a window seat, I think it was around 9pm in … More ADVENTURE


It stood out. A jagged, harsh pink scar just above the collar line. It was an angry scar, born from spite, malice and temperament and the years had not lessened its impact. People’s eyes were always drawn to it as they spoke to you, you could see their eyes gravitating towards the wound as if … More SCAR


Clouds and Dusk, A combination that I will never tire of, In the Winter the chill of the air and in Summer the residual heat from the ground (if your lucky to live in a warm place) add additional layers of effect for the photographer at least when taking the shot. This was taken in … More DUSK & CLOUDS


I suppose it is best to start off with a fair warning. I am a bottle of wine in as I write this. It is at these times when I get a little contemplative and with a job up and coming my mind returns to other thoughts. Intimacy… And I don’t mean just a quick … More INTIMATE


I saw this some time ago and it struck a chord with me. I thought back to all the people that I have ever crossed paths with, the number must be hundreds, maybe even thousands. Individual people that I was friends or acquaintances with, some I got on with better than others. Some I knew … More PATHS CROSS


Whilst there is something about the chill of Autumn and Winter that I really like, nothing beats summer. Not the intense heat of the main summer months (although intense heat in SE England is pretty rare) I mean the wonderfully warm evenings that crop up from time to time. Evenings like this are for the … More SUNDOWN


I was debating whether to put this image up, I wasn’t sure why it resonated with me but thinking about it I do know why it resonates with me, I was just kidding myself that it didn’t. I guess images are powerful, just like music and other things, what you get from them are personal … More HAPPINESS