Clouds and Dusk, A combination that I will never tire of, In the Winter the chill of the air and in Summer the residual heat from the ground (if your lucky to live in a warm place) add additional layers of effect for the photographer at least when taking the shot. This was taken in … More DUSK & CLOUDS


I suppose it is best to start off with a fair warning. I am a bottle of wine in as I write this. It is at these times when I get a little contemplative and with a job up and coming my mind returns to other thoughts. Intimacy… And I don’t mean just a quick … More INTIMATE


I saw this some time ago and it struck a chord with me. I thought back to all the people that I have ever crossed paths with, the number must be hundreds, maybe even thousands. Individual people that I was friends or acquaintances with, some I got on with better than others. Some I knew … More PATHS CROSS


Whilst there is something about the chill of Autumn and Winter that I really like, nothing beats summer. Not the intense heat of the main summer months (although intense heat in SE England is pretty rare) I mean the wonderfully warm evenings that crop up from time to time. Evenings like this are for the … More SUNDOWN


I was debating whether to put this image up, I wasn’t sure why it resonated with me but thinking about it I do know why it resonates with me, I was just kidding myself that it didn’t. I guess images are powerful, just like music and other things, what you get from them are personal … More HAPPINESS