I saw this some time ago and it struck a chord with me. I thought back to all the people that I have ever crossed paths with, the number must be hundreds, maybe even thousands. Individual people that I was friends or acquaintances with, some I got on with better than others. Some I knew … More PATHS CROSS


It was a non-descript email, proclaiming it has “good news about my ticket”. This was maybe the third one that I had had over the last month. This was all good as that meant that my national lottery ticket had won some cash. The first email directed me to my account, which I logged into … More WINNERS & LOSERS


A narrow snaking path winds through the trees. Every now and then the dry, sinewy roots break the surface making a trip hazard for the unwary. The ground under the canopy is brown intermingled with islands of green as small, hardy plants have taken hold, elsewhere it is as if the floor is covered with … More THE SECRET


These situations are rare, at least they are rare for me but when they happen I don’t want them to stop. It could be anything from laying back on the grass on a sunny day looking at the shapes in the clouds, a gentle breeze flowing over exposed skin or even sitting in a nice … More HYGGELIG


This time I thought I would go entirely leftfield and delve into the world of ambiance and select some tracks that, to me at least, have that late spring feel to them (even though it is Summer, this post was scheduled for another time originally). I find these tracks gentle and beautiful, I can imagine … More SHOWCASE FOR JULY


I am quite partial to a few Ed Sheeran songs. Famous ones like the A Team I enjoy (although the message of that one isn’t so great). But one I have come across recently that I really enjoy is called Wake me Up. It highlights little moments between two people, moments that cement their feelings … More WAKE ME UP


To set the mood first play one of my favourite reoccurring tracks: this. Oh how I wish you were here with me this day (every day), the summer sun is just about to dip beneath the horizon and we would lay back and watch the inky dark clouds of night chase away the stunning blue of the … More LATE SUMMER SUN