Who is Her?

If you have been here a while, or even if you are new you may have seen me mention “her” in some of my posts. But who is her? She is not me, I am male.

Well in my minds eye “her” would be my SO, my other half, my companion, she is the imperfectly perfect vision as made up by my mind, seeing as she comes from my mind she may change slightly every now and then.

She has no colour, she could be white, black, or olive skinned depending on the post I am writing, She could be English, French, Italian, Spanish, or really from any country but in my minds eye she is slim, possibly athletic even but never really overly watchful on what she is eating. She is quick to smile, she is relatively tall, small breasts, funny but with a serious side, she knows what she likes. She is amazingly sexy with overhead headphones on and has a gentle romantic side, she likes holding hands and long walks, she is educated and knowledgeable. And loves wearing comfy worn jeans and a t-shirt with trainers as much as an evening or summer dress.

This is “her”.

Today she may be this girl, another time she could be the girl in headphones. or the girl in the white top. But when I write a post featuring “her” then something in my mind spins a vision