About the blog:

What do you see? – Is it two people on the end of a pier? Or do you see two lovers that have taken a slow walk on a beautiful evening, a walk that brought them to this place where they steal a kiss with their bare toes dipping in the cool water; the warmth of the setting sun felt through the gnarled uneven planks, insects buzzing close by. If so then this is what this blog will be about.

Celtic Cross

What do you hear? – Is it just a random instrumental track? Or can you actually feel that guitar being played, the emotions spilling out from the strings. Do you get taken away into your memories, taken to times gone by with people that you were with and the times you had with them, even if this is possibly the first time you have ever even heard this track? Do you get caught up in the melancholy feel of it; does it affect your mood? or can you imagine standing on the dunes of a beach during the evening, the darkness chasing away the last vestiges of light as you look inland and wonder about the love of your life. If so then that is what this blog is about.

I sometimes have a bit of an active imagination, I will see a picture or hear some music and I am captivated, I feel all sorts of emotions around it and I think of scenarios, videos in my head if you will. These scenarios could come under the “wishful thinking” banner or they could be part of me, my history, my memories, they are the kinds of things that I write here (for the most part anyway).

They are also the kinds of things I look for when I follow a blog. Why is that? Well so I can then try and feel what they are writing rather than just reading the words and not being able to relate at all.

I hope the people that find this place are like that, I hope that you find me so I can find you.


You will find different things here, you will find posts about music, you will find posts about unusual words from different countries. You will also find scenario based thoughts to some of thttps://habitatforheavyhearts.wordpress.com/category/music/he wonderful images I find on the net, lastly you will find short stories. As the blog develop then new things may be introduced but at the moment this is the kind of things you can currently expect.


40 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello there!
    I’ve nominated you for the Leibster Blogging Award. If you don’t know what it is, then check out my latest blog entry (link at the end), but essentially, if I’ve nominated you to take part then I think you and your blog are pretty awesome. Apologies if a) you’ve already been nominated to take part, b) it’s not your sort of thing, c) you’ve got too much to do at the moment e.g. pet problems or general apathy. My latest blog entry tells you what to do to participate in this fun award; https://clskellern.wordpress.com/

    1. Hi Cezane, Wow, thanks for all the likes, and thanks for the comment on the blog name, I spent some time thinking about that name. As I am sure you would have seen though, this blog has not been updated in some time, I am curious, how did you discover it?

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