The whispered tones faded to silence as the man in the white lab coat approached them. He stood for several minutes just looking at them and no words uttered from his mouth during that time. They all felt sufficiently intimidated as their teacher had warned them and none could hold his gaze for longer than … More THE ROOM


The sleek black hull of the Ashimmu blended in almost perfectly with the backdrop of the depths of space, everything on board had been shut down, no electronic noise at all, she was like a hole in space, listening. Here on the edge of the known universe they would be far from any rescue attempt … More SURPRISE ATTACK


Gunnar strode into the small armoury dressed in an oversized parka that made him look twice as big as normal. He unlocked one of the cabinets and took out a rifle and start loading bullets into it. “What’s going on” I asked, watching him concentrate on loading the gun. “Why the gun?” “Ahh you not … More RAIDING PARTY


The House had gone, vanished, although not without trace as evidence of its existence was there for everyone to see; If they chose to look that is. He stood solemnly on the pavement looking into the once loved garden that used to be tended by his Mother, although his Father had helped when he could, … More HOUSE


It had threatened to snow the evening before, I am not sure how I could tell; sometimes you can just smell it in the air that a change is coming. But I had gone to bed quite late and just before I had snuggled under the warm, comfy duvet I had taken a last peek … More SNOW


I have always wanted to explore an old abandoned building. The nearest I ever got to that was when I was about 13, me and a guy I used to know at the time called Fred (I kid you not) explored the bottom levels of a multi-story carp park. That was creepy in that all … More CREEPY


Three narrow beams of light dancing in the darkness momentarily highlighting mouldy wallpaper, broken plasterboard and patches of dank, oozing liquid borne from multiple leaks in the roof several stories above them. The door however was surprisingly sturdy, requiring the sustained kicks of two of the party members to get the lock to break and … More TOME


Standing tall and straight, the grey suit fit well being just the right length in the leg, showing a small amount of sock before highlighting the highly polished black shoes. The crisp white shirt held taut at the neck with a smart blue tie, cuff links at the wrist. freshly shaven, hair freshly cut. ready … More BEYOND THE CURSORY


Originally written in response to Inspiration Monday Isn’t it scary that your life can change literally within 1 minute? 60 short seconds and everything within your own or someone else’s life can completely and utterly change; sometimes for the better such as winning the lottery for example. You could be sitting there on your couch … More CARDIAC


credit: philip mak | click for original (After some feedback from Hariod, I thought this needed a little more work so tried to add some detail as shown in the “new version” below. Original version remains underneath. NEW VERSION We climb into the small hut and arrange our belongings; the uneven wooden floor feels smooth … More BEACH HUT