It was a small shop, just off the Kings road in London, a glass door to the left and a massive single pane glass window which highlighted the interior of the shop, the windows frame by a dark grey wooden border. By day the shop was very non-descript with little to differentiate it from the … More GALLERY



If I close my eyes hard enough I can remember some of the details (although not all) plenty of years have passed in-between and whilst not senile I do struggle to remember some details. What triggered this jigsaw piece of memory was a shower that I have just taken. The beach is sandy and hot. … More A DAY IN THE SUN


I was thinking recently about where I would live if money was not an issue. I think ultimately my ideal place would be in view of the ocean so that I would witness the storms roll in and the power of the waves as they came crashing down. For me I cannot think of anything … More WISHFUL THINKING


Had anyone been left alive to witness it the sky would have been an incredible sight! It was deep red, angry, swirling and constantly shimmering, no clouds existed any more, at least not clouds as you would recognise them. These were more like corrosive gases and rushed to and fro. The Sun had expanded many … More THE DYING SKY


“I can hear them coming, we should leave.”“I cannot hear a thing.”“Then listen carefully”… hiss… “your hearing will be the death of us.”“Yes I hear them now, it’s faint though.”“It’s close enough, we need to go… now!” Smudge and Pickle smelt the air, they could smell the oncoming humans and also another smell, a far … More THE WOODS


I gave you my heart,Every grain of my being,Before I knew it,We had fallen apart,I should have foreseen it. I am sure that a lot of us can relate to this in some way or another. I know it has happened to me on several occasions. And those experiences shape us in ways that we … More HEART


She sits crossed legged on the well-loved Italian brown leather sofa, brow slightly knitted, concentrating, mouth parted slightly and I can see her tongue pressed into the corner of her lips, focussed. A cup of coffee sits steaming on the small wooden table in front of her, dark unkempt hair pushed back by dark rimmed … More IDYLLIC


The red plastic bench offered little comfort, I felt achy and stiff from the amount of time I had been sitting on it. But then again it was not meant to be sat on for an extended period of time; maybe 15 minutes tops as you wait for a bus to arrive, but not for … More SHELTER