Three narrow beams of light dancing in the darkness momentarily highlighting mouldy wallpaper, broken plasterboard and patches of dank, oozing liquid borne from multiple leaks in the roof several stories above them. The door however was surprisingly sturdy, requiring the sustained kicks of two of the party members to get the lock to break and … More TOME


Standing tall and straight, the grey suit fit well being just the right length in the leg, showing a small amount of sock before highlighting the highly polished black shoes. The crisp white shirt held taut at the neck with a smart blue tie, cuff links at the wrist. freshly shaven, hair freshly cut. ready … More BEYOND THE CURSORY


Originally written in response to Inspiration Monday Isn’t it scary that your life can change literally within 1 minute? 60 short seconds and everything within your own or someone else’s life can completely and utterly change; sometimes for the better such as winning the lottery for example. You could be sitting there on your couch … More CARDIAC


credit: philip mak | click for original (After some feedback from Hariod, I thought this needed a little more work so tried to add some detail as shown in the “new version” below. Original version remains underneath. NEW VERSION We climb into the small hut and arrange our belongings; the uneven wooden floor feels smooth … More BEACH HUT


 It was late into the evening I was slouched across the sofa in tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt, the radiators pumping out warmth into the room. A late night film played on the TV; a thriller mystery I believe although I cannot recall the name. I reached for my glass and took a swig of … More INSTINCT


I came across a story I wrote for a prompt back in 2014. I enjoyed re-reading it and figured i’ll post it here complete with link back to the original prompt. Written in response to be kind rewrite. As he walked his eyes missed nothing, small details that most people would overlook he saw and … More ASSASSIN


You can tell a good bar by the range of spirits it sells. Often the everyday kind of bars will have a range of mass produced spirits lining their back wall, Smirnoffs for Vodka, Bells for Whisky etc, but this bar was different, a good selection of Rums and Cognacs adorned the rear of the … More DATE


This silent paradise; I could stay here forever. I feel your heat as you touch me and I kiss you again my love… always my love. After having spent the day together my heart feels light, the butterflies are there and I am feeling on top of the world. The last rays of sun disappear … More SIT WITH ME


Dear E The weather was perfect that day and so were you. If you remember it was quite cold when we first ventured outside your apartment but when we found that park and lay down amongst those flowers in the sun we could feel its heat warming our skin, and our hearts, the fresh air … More LOVE LETTER


It was a non-descript email, proclaiming it has “good news about my ticket”. This was maybe the third one that I had had over the last month. This was all good as that meant that my national lottery ticket had won some cash. The first email directed me to my account, which I logged into … More WINNERS & LOSERS