On certain days, days like today, you can see it happening before your very eyes. It looks as if the Sun moves across the sky; slowly getting lower the further it moves. Of course it isn’t really the Sun moving it is us, the small pale blue dot as Sagen so eloquently put it, home … More ONE STEP CLOSER


Some time ago on another blog the author used to do a series of posts called “prompts for the promptless” some pretty interesting things that made you think were posted within those posts. Some of them were based on words and one particular word that she used was “Saudade”. I think in English it is … More SAUDADE


I had a dream recently that I was singing Spinning Plates (Radiohead). In real life this would be a bad bad thing as I sound like an agonised cat when I sing for real (maybe why I like a lot of ambient tracks) but no in this dream I sang it very well; least in … More SPINNING PLATES


This time I thought I would go entirely leftfield and delve into the world of ambiance and select some tracks that, to me at least, have that late spring feel to them (even though it is Summer, this post was scheduled for another time originally). I find these tracks gentle and beautiful, I can imagine … More SHOWCASE FOR JULY


To set the mood first play one of my favourite reoccurring tracks: this. Oh how I wish you were here with me this day (every day), the summer sun is just about to dip beneath the horizon and we would lay back and watch the inky dark clouds of night chase away the stunning blue of the … More LATE SUMMER SUN


Hopefully you guys enjoyed the tracks from last month, but a fresh month is upon us and here are some more links to peruse. I am having great fun not just finding the tracks to showcase but also the images to use. There are so many artists and tracks out there you could literally spend a … More SHOWCASE FOR MARCH


“Nightswimming deserves a quiet night” The journey over there was actually pretty quiet. I remember seeing you and my heart felt full, but things were noticeably strange, you were distant with me and my friend whom I was with looked at me and simply said “Frosty the snowman” both he and I understood what that … More NIGHTSWIMMING


My absolute favourite non-movie quote / picture. When I first read those words by Carl Sagan I found it quite humbling. I can stare at that picture for ages and always be amazed that that is here, that is us. In the photograph, Earth’s apparent size is less than a pixel; the planet appears as … More PALE BLUE DOT


Based on the Dragon Herder prompt on bekindrewrite, written in one draft. Bar’Zag beckoned the two mages to follow him as he ducked under the gnarled branch of a long dead tree indicating that they should also keep silent by placing a long, dirty finger to his lips and emitting a shushing noise that sounded … More DRAGON HERDER