You wouldn’t think it given my haphazard posting on this blog but I do like writing here. Sometimes it just all feels a bit much and so I back away, probably more so I just have no motivation, but then times goes on and I see some inspiration somewhere and want to start again. Yes … More AT THIS AGE



Normally this relates to that annoying song you may have heard last on the radio or TV. But sometimes, just sometimes it is a sound that you don’t want to go away. An incredible music track that has just finished. A storm that has just passed. You were lost in that moment and then it … More YUYIN


Each part of the year can have special moments, and the generally mild days of spring are, for me,  up there amongst the best. When, with the right person, and the right environment it can ooze romantic, what are your thoughts?


He counts the days with a little scratch. So he knows it’s time to hatch. He’ll break the shell come what may, And then he’ll simply walk away.


  Have you found anything lovely by chance? Personally I have found good bands by simply flicking through random YouTube links. I have found good restaurants by taking a backstreet on my way to somewhere. But i also get a sense it can mean something deeper than that, Something in the mind maybe. The details … More TROUVAILLE


Is there a place that you long to revisit. I can think of several places that would fall under that banner. Perhaps you could make a post of one of the places that you would like to revisit.


I do not consider myself that good at this writing lark, and no one would convince my any different. A friend whom we shall call C says that they are very good and I thank him very much for those sentiments and whilst I agree that I’m not terrible I am not going to dare … More SCRIPTURIENT


Some time ago on another blog the author used to do a series of posts called “prompts for the promptless” some pretty interesting things that made you think were posted within those posts. Some of them were based on words and one particular word that she used was “Saudade”. I think in English it is … More SAUDADE


Do you believe that there is a force that works in this way? I am not completely sold on destiny, and feel that you make your own (or not) and whilst it may feel like it is predestined, it isn’t. I’ll accept that it is a nice thought though. Tell me your thoughts on destiny? … More DUYEN


These situations are rare, at least they are rare for me but when they happen I don’t want them to stop. It could be anything from laying back on the grass on a sunny day looking at the shapes in the clouds, a gentle breeze flowing over exposed skin or even sitting in a nice … More HYGGELIG