Some time ago on another blog the author used to do a series of posts called “prompts for the promptless” some pretty interesting things that made you think were posted within those posts. Some of them were based on words and one particular word that she used was “Saudade”. I think in English it is … More SAUDADE


Do you believe that there is a force that works in this way? I am not completely sold on destiny, and feel that you make your own (or not) and whilst it may feel like it is predestined, it isn’t. I’ll accept that it is a nice thought though. Tell me your thoughts on destiny? … More DUYEN


These situations are rare, at least they are rare for me but when they happen I don’t want them to stop. It could be anything from laying back on the grass on a sunny day looking at the shapes in the clouds, a gentle breeze flowing over exposed skin or even sitting in a nice … More HYGGELIG


You know your childhood is well behind you when you read this and say to yourself “oh yeah I remember doing that and it was fun). Did you do this as a kid, can you remember it if you did? …Moi


The word admiration makes it sound like a fetish and I don’t think that I have a fetish with any particular part of the anatomy. I like women and I appreciate many aspects of women, from the top of their head to the tips of their toes. A particular face shape, bone structure, and smooth, … More AGASTOPIA


The description makes it sound almost like a bad thing, but I wish I had had this compulsion when I was younger, to see more places, travel to different countries and be more like a free spirit (without trying to sound too hippie), instead apart from a few trips (holidays) I have spent my entire … More ECDEMOMANIA


Source: Wordstuck The newness of it all is a great feeling, getting to know each other, the stories we have to tell, the exploring of feelings, wants, desires and dreams. Those butterflies you get when you are going to meeting them, it feels like the whole of your insides are smiling. It has been sometime … More KOIBITO KIBUN


As a little kid I felt it. I remember the various days out with my Mum and Dad, we would go blackberry picking or drive out to places that had woods and as a kid I would explore. That generally meant walking through the trees rather than sticking to the path as my parents ambled … More TENALACH


Source: Wordstuck I saw this on a list somewhere but it was written as Altschmerz and whilst quite a depressing meaning it is something I (unfortunately) relate to, the meaning from the website says… Weariness with the same old issues that you’ve always had—the same boring flaws and anxieties you’ve been gnawing on for years, … More WELTSCHMERZ