I had sat stating at this picture for some time trying to think of something worthy to say, Maybe a story surrounding the bridges in Prague, maybe something a little romantic would spring to mind as I search for the words to say something about what I was seeing, but sadly no, as much I … More BRIDGES OF PRAGUE



That beautiful Yellow, Orange, Golden glow in the sky is rare where I live. Don’t get me wrong, I love those grey, rainy days too but there is also something endearing about the kind of sunset that seeps into your very being, it just doesnt happen that often. Given the bleak times that humanity is … More EVENING SUN


You wouldn’t think it given my haphazard posting on this blog but I do like writing here. Sometimes it just all feels a bit much and so I back away, probably more so I just have no motivation, but then times goes on and I see some inspiration somewhere and want to start again. Yes … More AT THIS AGE


I wish that I could take photographs like this and have the knowledge of photoshop to manipulate them in such a magnificent way. Actually on researching this I found a website on the pier, although the pictures are nowhere near as dynamic and exciting as this one. As a photograph I find it fantastic, the … More CLEVEDON PIER


You have spent the day together and your heart feels light, a rush of emotions make you feel on top of the world, it doesn’t get much better than this. The last rays of sunshine begin to disappear but it is still warm and you walk hand in hand enjoying the moment. You come across … More FIRST KISS


Credit: Paul Reay It is a pity about the graffiti on this door, a brand of modern day disrespect on a noble object. I wonder where it leads though? It certainly seems bolted up very tightly, no gaps to look through at the secrets beyond the wood and stone. A secret garden perhaps hidden from … More DOORWAY TO


credit: unknown At first view it looks simple doesn’t it? 6 bottles showing an altered perspective of what is beyond. But I wonder if it is that or is it 6 separate views somehow been encompassed within that glass? Regardless, I love the outcome. I wrote about this image on my other blog some time … More BOTTLES


Mmmm those beers went down well, but they were over way too soon. The Sauvignon Blanc that we had in the fridge went down as a great little starter too, but there was only one glass worth each and so I had to pop the red, it was forced on me and I was compelled … More THOUGHTS


This was originally published on another blog from a prompt that used to be posted. I felt it was in keeping with this blog and so have republished it here. Wu wei, or non-doing, is a Taoist practice involving letting one’s action follow the simple and spontaneous course of nature rather than interfering with the … More WU WEI