Random Pinterest Things

You wouldn’t think it given my haphazard posting on this blog but I do like writing here. Sometimes it just all feels a bit much and so I back away, probably more so I just have no motivation, but then times goes on and I see some inspiration somewhere and want to start again. Yes this is one of those times.

I like the path of least resistance, and these days that includes the people that I hang around with, although none of us are perfect and I am more inclined to give some of my time more to some people than others.

I find that I have little time these days for fake people and bullshitters. I am happy to put in effort if I feel that it will ever be reciprocated. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t like I give to receive but when you find that you are mainly giving and that all you receive is things that drain you then you have to question if that relationship is toxic in some way and maybe distance yourself from it.

So the quote, which is some random pinterest thing. At this age I’m only interested in consistency, stability, respect and loyalty. I mean that can be taken a billion ways. But for me consistency is be truthful to yourself, if you are a dick then you will always be a dick I want to hang around people that are generally good people.

Stability, what does that mean? Not sure in this context when I am 6 beers in

Respect: I think this is a basic human thing, sure we can banter, we can take the piss, but have some morals and respect for something.

Loyalty: not an unflinching, undying loyalty from me to you or you to me, but have my back. Unless I am being a complete arse, just have my back and I’ll have yours.

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