Penzance From Magda V on UnSplash

If I close my eyes hard enough I can remember some of the details (although not all) plenty of years have passed in-between and whilst not senile I do struggle to remember some details. What triggered this jigsaw piece of memory was a shower that I have just taken.

The beach is sandy and hot. A roasting summer sun beats down relentlessly sucking the energy of adults although the kids like me run around without a care in the world seemingly with endless reserves, just being occasionally recalled for a fresh layer of factor whatever suncream, a slightly crunchy (from the sand) sandwich and a drink before launching ourselves off again to play with new found, but temporary friends.

Despite the suncream we have a tan, or in some cases sunburn where a spot has been missed, sticky faces from ice cream peer out of the car window as the day comes to a close and we drive home. The exhaustion hits us then and we curl up in the back seat and sleep until your mum or dad wake you once your home and parked up.

You go indoors, feet dragging as you go and you jump in the shower, water tepid as you wash down and wash your hair. When you turn the shower off there is a little collection of sand by the plug hole it has all come from you, stuck to the sun block, your hair or even in your ears, but you now feel clean, refreshed and alive and feel that you could do it all over again.

You get into Pyjamas and lay on the bed. It isn’t long before you fall into a deep, lovely sleep that only kids these days seem to enjoy. No stresses or worries, just a day of fun.


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