Credit Paul Scott

I wish that I could take photographs like this and have the knowledge of photoshop to manipulate them in such a magnificent way. Actually on researching this I found a website on the pier, although the pictures are nowhere near as dynamic and exciting as this one.

As a photograph I find it fantastic, the colours and hues are fantastic, they hint at rough weather and a strong storm even though the water is (relatively) calm. I like the sombre glow of the round lamps that lead the eye to the small building at the end of the pier. Also this pier looks like no other that I have ever seen, I could imagine this to be a persons home, especially when you compare it to say Brighton Pier which is a gaudy tourist attraction full of slot machines and amusement arcades.

I love the look of the wooden planks, all heading in the same direction but not entirely straight; similar to the seats and fence area that also has a level of wonkiness to it too.

I was trying to think of a short story that I could place here but my muse is not with me today and so I just had this open in my browser just imagining what it would be like to be there, wrapped up in warm clothes and letting the wind hit you full on as you look about upon the ocean, either deep in thought or letting your mind empty and just enjoying the moment.

Do you get anything from this picture? Is it just a bit meh for you or do you find something rich and interesting in it? Please share your thoughts either way.



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