Credit: Zsolt Zsigmond

I was thinking recently about where I would live if money was not an issue. I think ultimately my ideal place would be in view of the ocean so that I would witness the storms roll in and the power of the waves as they came crashing down. For me I cannot think of anything better really than a good full on storm especially in one of those clichéd situations of having several people together in a building whilst a storm lashes the outside, there is something strangely satisfying and relaxing about that kind of weather.

But then I saw this image and was held in awe at the beauty of it. Fantastic cloud formations that stretch off into the far distance, I can almost picture myself here leaning up against a parked car, eyes closed feeling the wind on my face and smelling the countryside around me, it almost rivals the ocean scenario… almost.


As an aside, I found some of the photographers posts years ago when I used to blog regularly, I don’t think I’ve seen better landscape photography and I can spend hours looking at the pics, I am not sponsored in any way and this link isn’t affiliated but check out his Flickr page and the site where he sells prints, if you like this kind of stuff then there will be something there that you like.


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