Image by WiciaQ – Their DeviantArt page

“I can hear them coming, we should leave.”
“I cannot hear a thing.”
“Then listen carefully”… hiss… “your hearing will be the death of us.”
“Yes I hear them now, it’s faint though.”
“It’s close enough, we need to go… now!”

Smudge and Pickle smelt the air, they could smell the oncoming humans and also another smell, a far more menacing scent accompanying them. It was the smell of dog. One of their friends had been chased by a dog recently and although they had gotten away it had scared them, although she wasn’t used to going outside like Smudge and Pickle were, they were definitely wise to the ways of the outdoors.

Pickle made the first move towards the treeline, she was graceful and quiet although her black and white fur wouldn’t offer much camouflage in the treeline so she would go further in, to a mass of leaves that she saw earlier when she had walked through with Smudge.

Smudge, a Tabby, would stay relatively close to the path so she could keep an eye on the humans and this dog that they smelt to ensure that they went passed. Smudge paused by a large tree, peeking around the corner until one yellow eye was fixated on the path, she could see them now, two humans walking slowly, holding paws.

Smudge was low down and couldn’t see all the way across the path but then what she saw next scared her, it was some material in one of the humans hands, she knew that it was what they put around dogs necks to keep them close, it was empty, dangling down at the side of the humans legs.

She looked back to where Pickle was hiding and just beyond there she saw it, a large golden dog, its nose buried to the ground as it weaves around trying to pick up a scent. Smudge meowed a warning to Pickle and set off on a path parallel to the bushes, the dog was near where Pickle was hiding but all Smudge could do was make her way to another bunch of leaves close by. As she entered the hideaway to observe the dog, Pickle was sitting grooming herself and looked to her companion as if to say, “Where have you been”.

They backed out of the foliage and went on their way, leaving the stupid dog to search for their scent.


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