The red plastic bench offered little comfort, I felt achy and stiff from the amount of time I had been sitting on it. But then again it was not meant to be sat on for an extended period of time; maybe 15 minutes tops as you wait for a bus to arrive, but not for a whole hour. Anyone would feel the same after sitting there for that much time. Wouldn’t they?

I stood and paced the length of the shelter, trying to work the ache out of the tops of my legs. I passed the entrance only to be greeted by a cold harsh wind as it buffeted its way into my enclosed space, spitting rain across my face and assaulting every piece of exposed skin that it could find. I shivered and pulled my coat closer around me.

Moving back up to the enclosed end of the shelter I leant against a window, looking out at the abysmal weather. No one else would be out on a night like this, no one that didn’t have to be anyway. The faint orange glow of the street lamps highlighted the pouring rain which was falling in sheets, periodic flashes of lightning briefly turned night to day and then the rolling boom of thunder washed over the landscape. Rivers of water flowed quickly along the sides of the road, gushing into the drains which were spaced every thirty yards or so.

It was strangely calming though. Sure the weather was grim and depressing, but I had always liked storms, and I was dry in the bus shelter as this particular one only had the one entrance, and that was at the other end of the structure. I sat back down ignoring the dull ache that immediately came back and I contemplated the events of the last few hours. It all seemed quite surreal; I felt detached and distant from it all. Maybe it was because I wasn’t expecting it, but these things have a nasty way of creeping up on you; and getting dumped by the girl that you’re in love with is bound to hit you for six.

I started analysing, as you do in situations like this. Was it my fault? What went wrong? Why didn’t I see it coming? And although I could probably have a good argument with myself about these things, none of it really mattered any more as she was the one who split up with me, and no amount of anything was going to change that fact.

The rain started to fall even harder and it pulled me from the trance like state that I had entered. “I think I missed the last bus” I said to myself as I looked at my watch. I knew that there was a mini cab office about 300 yards up the road, so I walked to near the entrance, getting the courage to leave. I could see and hear the maelstrom outside but didn’t venture out as yet. I stood there, slipping back into my own thoughts.

“I love you” I said, not that she could hear me; it was almost said as a last goodbye to a lover leaving you to go on a long journey somewhere. I slipped out of the shelter into the torrential downpour and disappeared into the rain, leaving the shelter as empty as my heart.


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