Credit: Russell James Smith – Click image for more

The House had gone, vanished, although not without trace as evidence of its existence was there for everyone to see; If they chose to look that is. He stood solemnly on the pavement looking into the once loved garden that used to be tended by his Mother, although his Father had helped when he could, when his health allowed it. These days it was a different story. The bushes that had once blossomed with beautiful flowers were now overgrown and untended; the grass long and yellowed was choked by weeds which strangled anything that dare attempt to grow. He could just make out the winding path that led to where the front door used to be.

He entered the grounds. There was no gate to open, that must have succumbed years ago, although the remnants rested up against the low brick wall a short distance away. He stopped by the large, new gleaming sign which looked out of place in this place of decay. The sign promised “fifteen luxury apartments” and it never ceased to amaze him how they managed to fit so many homes where only one used to exist.

Slowly he walked around what had been the garden, towards where the back of the house would have been. He moved carefully, ensuring that he did not trip up on the loose bricks and discarded rubbish that had built up in the years since they had left. The massive oak tree that had been a strong feature of the garden was still there, it’s branches shading the entire area as it had all those years ago; but now the branches were bare, The tree dead, rotting from within; another casualty.

He walked up to the tree and laid his hand upon the rough bark trying to gain a connection with the past. A Happy past that saw him and his brothers and sisters playing in the garden whilst the parents sat in deckchairs enjoying the summer sun. A sad smile crossed his face as he remembered those times, all those years ago.

He walked back toward the road where he had parked his car. He opened the door and sat inside just as the first, fat drops of rain began falling, he sighed and pulled away, then the first wave of thunder came rolling in.

Do you get anything from this picture/post? Is it just a bit meh for you or do you find something rich and interesting in it? Please share your thoughts either way.



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