I do not consider myself that good at this writing lark, and no one would convince my any different. A friend whom we shall call C says that they are very good and I thank him very much for those sentiments and whilst I agree that I’m not terrible I am not going to dare place myself on the lofty pedestal of good.

But I do at times get this consuming desire to write, generally thoughts and feelings… you know the stuff that is on this blog. I don’t think that there are many visitors here but those that do come I hope you get some enjoyment from it, maybe (if I dare be so bold) it will make you think of situations that have happened to you, small moments that can make for an interesting few seconds in your life. If they do please feel free to share them here, I would love to read about them

I am sure a lot of you have a consuming passion to write, if not why are you here (I guess a consuming passion to read šŸ™‚



lend me your thoughts

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