I have always wanted to explore an old abandoned building. The nearest I ever got to that was when I was about 13, me and a guy I used to know at the time called Fred (I kid you not) explored the bottom levels of a multi-story carp park. That was creepy in that all the bottom level was underground and the ramp you drove down had been blocked up, which meant the only way in and out were through these louvres that had been smashed. Additionally it wasn’t like multi story carparks at a mall for example; these were individual garages, almost like they build all the garages for the nearby homes in a multi story form.

Some were abandoned; doors, missing or hanging off, it smelt filthy and stale, there was little light down there, a few bulbs worked, most were smashed or missing dark corners stretched everywhere, the bits that cars would have driven along was quite wide though, perhaps the width of 3 regular family saloons, so it was quite a weird, scary place.

But a building like an old hospital or a school, now that is a different proposition altogether. Of course I would want to be in the place at the height of a heavy storm; dark, fat clouds hanging low in the sky jettisoning there load of torrential rain, high winds that scream and howl though cracks in windows and doors and then me and a few close friends exploring. Of course we would be prepared in terms of the clothes we wore and the things we took. We would have water, food, a light source, mobile phone and we would have told people where we had gone. We would have stuff for making a fire to keep warm.

I can see it now though, long dark corridors, the lights from our torches dancing across sagging ceilings and peeling paint, rats and mice scurrying from the bright beams as we explore the innards of a once proud building that has been left to ruin, all the time hearing that wind and rain lash the outside. ….. shiver



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