Credit: Denny Bitte – Click for Original

On certain days, days like today, you can see it happening before your very eyes. It looks as if the Sun moves across the sky; slowly getting lower the further it moves. Of course it isn’t really the Sun moving it is us, the small pale blue dot as Sagen so eloquently put it, home to everything we have ever known.

Today was exceptional; the waves broke gently against the shore, their hypnotic rhythm calming my mind as I sat there at the end of the working week. It is such a beautiful noise and if you can focus on it you will feel the stresses of the day just melting away. I closed my eyes concentrating on my posture; spine straight, head held high as if someone is picking you up by the skull, hands just resting in my lap. My breathing became as one with the waves.

After a few minutes you are aware of so much around you, even without sight you can see so much. The noise of the waves settles into the background and you feel your face muscles relax, you feel the soft gentle eddy’s and flows of the breeze on your skin as it wraps itself around you. Seagulls caw and squawk in the distance, The smell of the ocean permeates your nostrils. All of these experiences shape the image in your minds eye.

I lose all track of time when I sit like this and although it had only felt like 10 minutes or so it must have been a lot longer. The sun was sitting low of the horizon as the last vestiges of daylight were being chased by dusk. I drank in the view before me, smiled and closed my eyes. “Just a few more minutes and I’ll go home”.

Do you get anything from this picture/post? Is it just a bit meh for you or do you find something rich and interesting in it? Please share your thoughts either way.



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