Originally written in response to Inspiration Monday

Credit: Jacqeuline Sinclair

Isn’t it scary that your life can change literally within 1 minute? 60 short seconds and everything within your own or someone else’s life can completely and utterly change; sometimes for the better such as winning the lottery for example. You could be sitting there on your couch checking your numbers as you have done a thousand times before. Not really thinking that you will win but checking anyway and then finding that all your number come in, first there is the shock then the jumping around like a madman, screaming like a girl… I guess it would be like that anyway, I’ll let you know if it is true if it ever happens.

For Nicola Feischer however the 60 seconds in which her life changed was certainly not for the better, in fact completely the opposite of better, even worse for her husband. At 13.10 on 8th March Nicola was sitting in her kitchen enjoying a morning conversation and a coffee with her husband, Rob. He was standing at the sink looking out of the windows and taking in the stunning view across the hills of Shropshire talking to her

Suddenly she heard a sharp electrical crack and Rob lost consciousness immediately and fell hard to the floor, his cup shattering on the tiles. Luckily Nicola, his wife, had been trained in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and although her eyes couldn’t comprehend what she had just seen she immediately came to his aid; she turned him onto his back and started performing CPR on his chest. She began to feel the panic rising, she could feel the bile rise in her chest and the urge to cry was nearly overwhelming. She called out to their daughter to call the ambulance as she alternated between chest compression’s and rescue breathing.

“Mustn’t panic” she said to herself between counts, and she knew that panicking wouldn’t help anything, in fact it may be more damaging, she knew what she needed to do and continued to do it.

The ambulance took an excruciating 15 minutes to arrive but in that 15 minutes she managed to keep Rob alive, the two women dressed in yellow and green took over and took them away in the ambulance initially having to use the defibrillator on him to jump start his heart and it was then that she let her emotions take over, tears streamed from her face and she spoke to the passive form of her unconscious husband.

Once at the hospital she spoke to the staff, her face red and puffy she was able to talk between the sniffs of tears, she told them how one moment he was standing there and the next he fell to the floor, she could understand why, that she heard a spark and a fizz type noise just before it happened. After what seemed like an eternity the Doctors came to speak to her, there was nothing that they could do and he had died on the operating table.

She stood shocked and silent and it was all she could do to ask why. The Doctors patiently and carefully told her that Rob had suffered a massive Cardiac Arrest. Her eyes that must have been looking through everyone came to focus on one of the Doctors. “Cardiac Arrest? But he was a healthy man, into sports, eating healthily how could he have a heart attack?

“A cardiac arrest is different from a heart attack” the doctor explained, he went on “Most heart attacks are caused by coronary heart disease, having a heart attack, it does not always lead to a cardiac arrest, and a cardiac arrest doesn’t always happen because of a heart condition”

She stood in there numb. “How could this have happened?”

“You mentioned a spark and a fizzing noise, it is possible he was electrocuted”.

She thought back to that time in the kitchen, him standing there, out of her peripheral vision she saw him reach out, the spark, the fizz and then him falling. The sink was made of metal there must and been electricity running through it, a short maybe… oh god her daughter was still at home.

Nicola peeled away from the Doctors, panic in her eyes, “where is the phone?, I need to call my daughter she screamed.”


Not a cheery post, but I couldn’t think of anything to write for the other prompts, I did some searches for inspiration and came across the part about “What is the difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest?” interested me and so used that as the basis for my story.



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