Credit: Unknown – click for original

And so my imagination wanders off again…

As an art form little can beat a photograph, for me they allow my mind to wander into other places. I love the shadows cast by the lamps, the orange/yellow hue settling my mood, deep shadows in the corners and a cold, yet light and steady rain falling down. (What a great night).

I can even picture who I would like to be with in this wandering of my imagination, we would be walking hand in hand, the light rain settling on our clothes like a morning dew, At the end we would stand under shelter at the end of the pier looking out to a dark ocean stretching off into infinity, the noise of the sea sloshing against the struts of the pier and the odd creak of wood calm us.

I would be standing behind her my chin resting on her shoulder, with every breath I could smell her subtle perfume (probably Chanel #5 (absolutely love that smell on the right person)), she would be leaning back into me and my hands would be crossed in front of her just under her jumper, the heat from her smooth skin radiating into me, my thumb stroking her that little piece of her belly near her belly button that it can reach. No words would even have to be said, a silent connection just enjoying the moment in a place you want to be and with someone you want to be with.

Do you get anything from this picture/post? Is it just a bit meh for you or do you find something rich and interesting in it? Please share your thoughts either way.



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