I came across a story I wrote for a prompt back in 2014. I enjoyed re-reading it and figured i’ll post it here complete with link back to the original prompt.

Written in response to be kind rewrite.

As he walked his eyes missed nothing, small details that most people would overlook he saw and committed them to memory; although somewhat ironically he made sure there was nothing really memorable about him. People were generally unobservant and this served him well, he wore similar clothes to those around him. Even his walk was different, more easy, less purposeful so he gave the impression of ambling around, a slight smile on his lips to make him seem friendly and approachable. The sunglasses he wore were not too dark, but were tinted so that he could take in all the details without visibly being seen to do so.

Once across the foyer he took a left down one of the side corridors, the metal floor made little sound as his soft soled shoes connected with it. He was looking for a specific door number and he scanned each doorway in turn as he counted down to where he needed to be. None of the doors had spy holes or any way of viewing into the corridor from within each room and for this he was grateful.

He turned right into another, longer corridor. He knew that the number he was looking for would be here and he looked ahead to mentally work out where the door would be. He was here, number 73, no spyhole, nothing to differentiate this door from the dozens of others here. Just the number 73 in cheap white plastic lettering placed at eye height. He stopped, unbuttoned his jacked and knocked on the door.

“Who is it?”
“Ship Steward” he announced in a friendly voice.

He heard a lock being undone on the other side of the door, at that very same instant that his hand reached into his jacket and pulled out a gun another door had opened further down the corridor, same side, 5 away, the door in front of him swung open and whilst it was halfway through that movement a kid from the door 5 down started making his way out of the room. 73 had opened fully and he glanced back from the kid to the door,

No time.

He pulled the trigger and the silenced weapon made a soft almost inaudible phuft, the kid was now in the corridor but looking into his room. Two more clicks into the body lying prone on the floor in the darkened room, and then he leant forward and closed the door, turning away from the kid who had just noticed the figure walking away from him.

He retraced his route back the way he came, down the corridors until he reached to foyer, past all the oblivious people sitting talking, eating snacks or waiting for their shuttles back to the planet surface. He joined a small queue which was waiting for a recently arrived shuttle to empty before taking its next batch of people back to the surface.

He was not a man of emotion but he did have to double take the man stepping off the shuttle in front of him, he soon recovered himself but he couldn’t help but wonder “if his intended victim is stepping off the shuttle here and now, who had he killed in room 73?”



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