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You can tell a good bar by the range of spirits it sells. Often the everyday kind of bars will have a range of mass produced spirits lining their back wall, Smirnoffs for Vodka, Bells for Whisky etc, but this bar was different, a good selection of Rums and Cognacs adorned the rear of the bar, I liked this bar for that very reason and it had been the main reason I selected it when arranging the date.

We had arranged to meet at 2pm. Of course I had arrived a little earlier as that is what I do. The bar was long and narrow, lots of distressed wood and glass. A small number of tables ran down the left and on the right bar stools huddled close together. At this time of day it was mostly empty, the few souls that were there with me were lost in conversation so had not even noticed me come in. I ordered a coffee, it was too early to hit the harder stuff and I waited.

I was on my 2nd cup of coffee by the time 2pm came round, I had been antsy for the last 15 minutes even though she was not late. I had always been a punctual person, on time, early even and so I was getting nervous with every tick of the second hand, I must have checked my phone 10 times expecting to see a “sorry I can’t make it” text, I’ve no idea why I checked it so much as it was not on silent and so I would have heard a text come in, I guess it is one of those subconscious things you do.

The time hit 2.15pm, still no text, no call. no person, this was not looking good at all, I caught the barman’s attention and got a refill on my coffee all the time keeping an eye on the time.

2.45pm and a chime on my phone, a text, it must be from her. I checked the phone “Hi, Sorry I won’t be able to make it today, can we do another time?” I was seething, I had sat there like a chump for 45 minutes after she was supposed to be here and I get THAT text. I sighed and started writing my reply, it was short and sweet and very final, once done I placed the phone on the bar and called the barman over again.

“What would you like sir?”

“Beer please” I replied.

Do you get anything from this picture? Is it just a bit meh for you or do you find something rich and interesting in it? Please share your thoughts either way.




9 thoughts on “DATE

  1. Loved the picture, really good! Being late for a meeting, means you don’t value other’s time!! I think that indicates of an unrespectful person!
    I really liked this post. Well written and interesting to read, and the right lenght for me!

    1. Hi Kumin. I agree, obviously we are sometimes late due to circumstances outside of our control, but even then a call well before time shows willing.

      But this story is slightly different to that 🙂

  2. That bar reminds me of a bar I used to work in so it brings back good memories for me. Those chairs would usually be occupied by the same people night after night…

  3. Hi, perhaps I don’t know so much about bars but the picture looked like any other regular bar, frankly. I liked the way the post was written, but the ending seems a little off… I kept expecting something more to be there. Keep posting!

    1. Hi Again.

      For me what generally makes a bar Good (or better) is the selection of drinks it serves and the people/atmosphere in it. The bar in the picture is a bit different to the bars I normally frequent. But yeah probably just a regular bar. I liked the picture because it was nice and bright and I liked the depth of field.

      hat more do you think should have gone in the story? my idea was to keep it short and i figured that ordering the beer, instead of a coffee at the end was a good way to end it.

  4. I, too, am always an early bird when arriving to a place to meet. If I show up only 5 minutes prior, I consider myself late. Unfortunately no one else is like me and 15 minutes late is still on time to them. Very frustrating and hard on the nerves. Nice story and I completely feel for the narrator’s since of despair and anger.

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