Credit: Unknown:

This silent paradise; I could stay here forever.

I feel your heat as you touch me and I kiss you again my love… always my love.

After having spent the day together my heart feels light, the butterflies are there and I am feeling on top of the world. The last rays of sun disappear and the dark fingers of night creep across the sky, but it is still warm and as we walk slowly hand in hand enjoying eachothers company we come across a small jetty.

We walk down the creaking planks and sit at the end, the knarled wood is warm against our skin and the suns heat incubated within the grain of the planks radiates into us. Our feet dangle near the smooth water and  Pond skaters glide over the lake with dragon flies.

We talk a little then I build up the courage and lean in to kiss for her the first time, her soft lips against mine, she tastes fantastic. My arm slips around her waist and she rests her head against my shoulder as my fingers caress the skin on her arm… all feels good with the world.

I could stay here forever.

Do you get anything from this picture? Is it just a bit meh for you or do you find something rich and interesting in it? Please share your thoughts either way.




17 thoughts on “SIT WITH ME

  1. I can picture myself sitting on the end of this jetty. It just makes me want to book a holiday somewhere quiet and relaxed, to be honest! I feel like I could use that step back from real life right now…

    1. I think I could picture you sitting there too, I think it is to do with your avatar picture they seem to pair up well.

      I could do with being somewhere like that as well, away from… Well lots of things, but also a break from technology in general, just appreciating the surroundings.

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