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1. Tipotheus – Bonobo – Nicolas Jaar – Chet Faker [by tipotheus]

Not so much a track or an album but a mix. I believe Tipotheus is a Greek DJ and has taken tracks from Bonobo, Nicholas Jaar and Chet Faker and has made an outstanding soundscape. The tracks go perfectly with each other. There are tracks in French, an excellent rework of No Diggity by Chet Faker (Better than the original I think too) and a playlist that really grabs you emotionally. At nearly 2 hours yes it will involve a little time investment but play it when you’re out in the kitchen cooking up dinner maybe, I don’t think you will regret it and you will know if it is “your thing” or not in the first 20 minutes.

2. Point of View – LTJ Bukem

I love this track; it is possibly one of my all time favourites along with Boogie Woogie and Louden (along with some others I’ve not published yet), every time I hear it I will day dream about somewhere else, although that somewhere changes; A windswept beach on a rainy day, overlooking cloud covered plains or even just snuggled under a warm duvet with her. It takes me on other journeys too, journeys filled with lost loves, a wasted youth and a general depressed feeling and although these are really negative terms I think that the track is beautifully done. My only upset is that it is too short.

This tune became a favourite of my as soon as I heard it, haunting is one term I would use for it, but others spring to mind as well. Dreamlike, Peaceful, Melancholy for example.

I was surprised to see that this was made just over 15 years ago, that is just a massive amount of time for a tune that, to me at least, still sounds fresh to the ears.

I hope you like it and it enables you to embark on your own day dream to magical.


These last three tracks are based on a Sunday a good few weeks ago when I posted this over on my other blog. I hope anyone listening is “feeling it” like I am, and certainly was back then.

3. Tove Lo – Habits (stay High)

There are two mixes to this tune that I have heard, I’ll link both here, (click picture for other mix) but phew, what can I say. The video does it for me as well as the lyrics. As someone that feel generally unsatisfied, who has gone out and gotten smashed on alcohol and drugs in order to delay or put at bay the reality of life I can seriously relate to this track. I must admit of the first watching of the Hippie Sabortage mix I thought this was a random video with an actress, but it seems that the girl depicted is Tove Lo herself, Despite the fact that I think she is beautiful anyway I like this track becuase of the video and becuase of the lyrics, and whilst I appreciate that there isnt much on the way of lyrics I find that for me, at least on this day I am watching it, I am finding that it hits my emotional spot exactly.

I cannot stop watching either video, it reminds me so much of my clubbing days, wanting something that wasnt particularly there, and these days just getting out of it to numb the pain and not wanting to face life how it is, man I am f***ked up.

4. Radiohead – Nude

And so here I am, feeling a bit emotional due to the day I have had the the alcohol I’ve consumed as well as taking in the Tove Lo videos and now this, this is beautiful classic Radiohead, I don’t even know what to feel right now, so Ill shut the fuck up and allow you to listen.

5. Lana Del Rey – Video Games

Now here is a troubled soul. I love a number of her videos just in terms of the looks and feel of them, memories from the distant past, at least that is what I am feeling in this one. Great voice, lovely looking woman too, I get the feeling she is damaged in some way. First album was mostly great everything else has been terrible so far (in my opinion).





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