I saw this some time ago and it struck a chord with me. I thought back to all the people that I have ever crossed paths with, the number must be hundreds, maybe even thousands. Individual people that I was friends or acquaintances with, some I got on with better than others. Some I knew for a long time, others for hardly any time at all… many many people that passed through my life on their own journey. Some I probably cannot even remember given my poor memory, others I remember vaguely and others I remember lots.

I wonder what those people are doing now, where they are, what are they doing, indeed are they still alive, if so are they successful or healthy, are they enjoying life or are as miserable as hell.

It coincides with some facebook activity that has been going on lately. I don’t normally go on facebook that often but someone posted up about the estate I used to live on as a kid and there were some names that I recognised. I looked at the pictures and realised that I could bump into these people in the street and not have a clue who they were but their names I knew (well a couple of them) and I wonder what they have been up to in the intervening years since I saw them last, they were friends of mine when I was less than 15 y/o and I had forgotten them… that’s not true I had recalled the names several times over the years but that was it.

This is at a time where I feel that I don’t really have that many friends I mainly have people I know, maybe work colleagues or people from the bar I drink in. I suppose I have 5 or 6 close friends, I mean I’ve known these guys 25+ years and we are all drifting apart, fuck it isn’t even drifting its rushing apart, they rarely call me I rarely call them, when we do meet everyone says we will need to make more effort but we don’t, soon I’ll know no one in real life, it’ll just be me and my immediate family, all that down from having met possibly 1000s of people, how sad.



2 thoughts on “PATHS CROSS

  1. Paths crossed…often find myself grateful for those that have crosssed my path. Some have crossed and impacted my life in profoundly. While others just added joy to the moment.

    Grateful for this moment and our paths crossing. Have very much enjoyed reading your blog

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