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It was a non-descript email, proclaiming it has “good news about my ticket”. This was maybe the third one that I had had over the last month. This was all good as that meant that my national lottery ticket had won some cash. The first email directed me to my account, which I logged into separately and not from a link in the email as you cannot be too careful about spam and viruses etc these days) and my account had proudly displayed £7.51 as the new balance. Hmmm not great, that had not even paid for the month long ticket that I had purchased.

The second email had been a much better at £15.50, this had netted me a £7 profit, which let’s face it is crap, but it is better than a loss but now I had a third email, I had already made a very small profit so this one was just gravy.

I entered the URL into my browser and signed in to my national lottery account, as my eyes gazed to the upper right of my screen I held my breath and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. “Oh my god” I said out loud to myself which was ironic as I have no belief in any such thing. £56,000.000 was my new balance “fuck me we’ve won it”. I stood, the backs of my legs knocking the chair back against the table. I began to pace. “I don’t fucking believe it” oh my god I don’t fucking believe it” I said again, over and over as I paced the small room.

My hands were damp and clammy, I felt hot all over and opened the door to the balcony. “where shall we move to?, what car shall I get… fuck it what cars shall I get; we’ll go to that fancy restaurant and have that holiday” all these thoughts churning through my mind.

No longer would I need to live this rat race heading into London every weekday just getting 2 poxy days to myself which fly by, now we can do what we want, we can open my sanctuary, but I’ll get people to run it, everyone wins then. we’ll tour the world.

The pain kicked in hard, a massive knotted coil of pain in my chest radiating out to my arm, my hands went to my chest and I tried to massage the area but the pain wasn’t going away, it increased two fold, I fell to my knees and then over on my side, I could hear my heart beating in my ears, it seemed so loud, my vision began to cloud and all the noises in the room were distant. I sensed people rushing into the room shouting “Dad” and then silence.

Do you get anything from this picture? Is it just a bit meh for you or do you find something rich and interesting in it? Please share your thoughts either way.




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