A narrow snaking path winds through the trees. Every now and then the dry, sinewy roots break the surface making a trip hazard for the unwary. The ground under the canopy is brown intermingled with islands of green as small, hardy plants have taken hold, elsewhere it is as if the floor is covered with small chunks of bark. The trees themselves are tall and straight, the leaves a rich, luscious green. Shafts of sunlight punch through the trees casting pools of golden radiance on the floor, dust danced in the light, truly a beautiful day.

We walked slowly, hand in hand, the shade intermittent and broken. The cooling shade and the deep warmth were welcomed equally. No words needed to be said; just walking with each other outside in nature on a nice warm day was enough.

It was good to get away from the hassles of our families, neither approved of us, both had their issues, long, deep inset ways of how things should be, her family who were from Northern India and religious disapproved of me being English and devoid of any Religion at all; my family wondering why I was with an Asian girl. Borderline racism really although I don’t think they saw it that way really, they just lacked understanding, but that was fine really, it wasn’t them that would be living with her.

We wandered off the path into a small meadow and sat on the grass, which was flecked white and yellow with daises. She lay down looking at the azure sky, her brown eyes sparkling in the sunlight, I lay down too, her complexion was flawless, a smooth light brown, no blemishes at all. She turned her head to me and smiled and I leant in to kiss her. Her mouth was warm and her kiss was eager.

We stopped and pulled away, my hand instinctively went to her belly, and my hand lightly rested on her summer dress.

When’s the baby due again” I asked.

She smiled a proud, beautiful smile “About six more months”.

Plenty of time to tell the families” I said as I pulled her closer to me.

Do you get anything from this picture? Is it just a bit meh for you or do you find something rich and interesting in it? Please share your thoughts either way.



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