Natural beauty. Andrea Becerra by David Garcia Photography

I am awake and yet I am not. I am in that moment after sleep when you slowly begin to become aware of your surroundings, everything is hazy and you feel that you have been pulled out of hyper sleep and into the real world. I’ve yet to open my eyes. I lay there on my back wondering what time it is and my head feels heavy, my thoughts are fuzzy, too much wine last night.

slowly, my eyes peel open, squinting at the light, looking at the nondescript ceiling, my sight, initially blurry begins to sharpen… well sharpen as much as it does these days.

“That’s not my ceiling.” I say in my mind and then I smile remembering the events of last night.

I look to my left and she is lying there still asleep, her head resting on a fluffy white pillow facing me. The quilt was a jumbled mess at the bottom of the bed looking like a cumulus cloud where she must have kicked it off during the night, she was naked. I smiled as the memories slotted into place of the previous 12 hours, the night out, the conversation filled with laughs and passionate debates, the click of our connection, and then the wine culminating into coming back to her place, talking more in her living room the dimmed lights, the kiss, the slow removing of garments, the great sex.

I glanced over her form. Wow, she was beautiful. I’d told her that last night in the restaurant, just part of a very honest conversation I had with her. She was slim, slightly tanned, blonde hair. Her waist dipped inwards and her skin was so smooth. She looked so peaceful, her breathing steady and deep, her breasts rising and falling in rhythm with every breath she took.

I don’t know if it was me looking at her that made her wake up, the power of my stare maybe stirring her subconscious into waking but her eyes flicked open and those bright green playful eyes fixated on me, there was a slight smile and she snuggled into me. I brushed some hair off of her face and kissed her nose.

“Morning gorgeous”
“Morning” she replied, her voice groggy and a little croaky. She leant forward and gave me a quick kiss. Her hand brushed over her face and through her hair “There is no way I am gorgeous” she announced as an afterthought stifling a yawn.
“I make you wrong there” I said my hand trailing over smooth skin.

We lay like that for an age, I really didn’t want to get up, I didn’t want this to end but life is life and we all have things to do. “Shall I do you some breakfast” I asked as I went to pull away.

“Sure” she pulled me back to her “But first, let’s finish what was started last night”.





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