These situations are rare, at least they are rare for me but when they happen I don’t want them to stop. It could be anything from laying back on the grass on a sunny day looking at the shapes in the clouds, a gentle breeze flowing over exposed skin or even sitting in a nice comfortable bar, in comfy clothes like old, worn jeans and a Tee, relaxing on a comfortable sink-in sofa getting waiter service and having absolutely nowhere else to be.

These moment can be alone or surrounded by the people whose company you enjoy, lots of talk and joking and just feeling really close to the people that matter.

What about you? tell me your story.



5 thoughts on “HYGGELIG

  1. Lovely word! For me, it could be stimulating conversation, solitude, a cup of coffee or a mug of beer with old friends, lolling with a dog, reading or writing, holding hands with a lover… quite a bit, really. DIfferent things for different moods and different times!

  2. I can connect with what you are trying to say here.
    Trust me, the number of times I just find myself walking out in the rain with a smoke or just laying in my bed trying to warm my cold feet, and realize how the smallest of things can bring you so much peace.
    I guess it is all about appreciating those small things, however insignificant they may seem.
    Looking forward to more posts.
    Take care and have a great day 🙂

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