eyes & freckles
eyes & freckles by Crazy Cake on 500px, Check them out here

Hello Beautiful! I love saying that to you when I see you, I love seeing the smile on your face when I say it, a smile that melts my heart. Whenever we go out and are walking around our hands gravitate towards each other and our fingers entwine and I feel at peace with everything.

One of my favourite memories of us was on that beautiful summer’s day a few weeks back when you were sitting cross legged on the beach reading a book; your white shorts had specks of sand on them that you occasionally brushed away; your arms caught a light tan and the fair hair on your arms danced in the breeze, every now and then your hand brushes some errant hair away from your face and under the floppy sun hat you are wearing.

You were concentrating on the book; by the way did you know that you bite the side of your bottom lip when you are concentrating? I love it, one of the many things I love about you, and then you looked across at me looking at you and you smiled, your eyes are so bright, clear and vibrant, so full of life and I brushed my hand across your freckled cheek and you leant your face into my hand.

We spent hours at that beach, and when the sun dipped below the horizon I looked up at the clear night sky and wondered aloud about the ratio of stars compared to your freckles and you laughed. This connection we have, a connection of hearts fills me with such joy and I live for these moments.

Hello beautiful…


I took the idea for the credit and picture from “let’s talk about it” I really like most of the pictures that he uses to emphasise his posts.



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