This time I thought I would go entirely leftfield and delve into the world of ambiance and select some tracks that, to me at least, have that late spring feel to them (even though it is Summer, this post was scheduled for another time originally). I find these tracks gentle and beautiful, I can imagine a gorgeous spring afternoon relaxing and doing little else, I hope you enjoy and let your imagination run away.

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1. SONMI451 – The Circadian Clock

“A spring afternoon, you are indoors with her. She is putting on her summer dress as you are both going out to spend an afternoon by a stream, the white net curtains billow gently into the room from the soft breeze outside and sun beams create rays into the room and they highlight the dust in the air”

2. Cygna – Broken dream of a little snail

I love the title to this, and unsurprisingly I do imagine a little snail doing it’s thing. Think of a cartoon like The Snowman, but set in spring and follow the adventures (and broken dream) of a little snail.

3. Kruder & Dorfmeister – Boogie Woogie

Going with a spring theme it allows me to repost one of my favourite tracks of all time. A sad, melancholic, beautiful and yet timeless track that screams spring time to me, even the faded cover art seems spring like, you need silence for this tune and the remote to your CD player to rewind. I first wrote about this track here. The album this comes from is 18 years old.

4. CELL – The Gate

The Epitome of dusty deserts in spring time, riding horses along the beach just in the surf, their energy pulsing through you and you travel at speed.

5.ย Giyo – Mind Games

Paris in spring time, walking through parks or along boulevards, stunning French women with beautiful soft accents looking like Audrey Hepburn. Complete and utter bliss.


Another favourite track of all time that I wrote about here. Whilst on that link I say that the autumn description is great I can also imagine spring here too. The “video” I get running through my head on these tracks changes depending on my mood. But I love this track, I can listen to this and literally have a (involuntary) tear run down my face. the images I imagine, regardless of the season that they run in, are generally all sad.

Do you like any of these tracks? Did you imagine anything, if so what was it?



10 thoughts on “SHOWCASE FOR JULY

  1. Number 5: Giyo โ€“ Mind Games is my fave – I just love the Spanish/French vibe. So good I just carried on listening to the rest of the album.
    The last track is one I’ve come across three times on you blog – one of your faves? ๐Ÿ™‚
    Kindness – Robert.

    1. Mind Games is an excellent album, I love that French feel to it too and pleased that you went on to listen to the album, some beautiful tracks in there.

      Louden, *sigh* yeah, I cannot express how much I like that track without me seeming a little strange. I play it over and over, In fact I am listening to it now as I reply to your comment. So much emotion in that track for me.

      1. I havenโ€™t actually, that is a particularly good idea and may try it, I do have a number of aromatherapy essential oils indoors, I may see what I can do there. Good suggestion.

        The way I do it now is generally just out on my headphones, close my eyes and had the music up to a nice level (not too loud but loud enough to pick out the details).

      2. Closing the eyes usually leads to sleep for me – I kind of conditioned my brain that way. ๐Ÿ™‚ If I’m really listening to something I need to read the lyrics, sing the lyrics, pick out the instruments, think how I would put the song together and then … actually, at that point I can let the song go. Perfect knowledge can lead to perfect disinterest for me (new insight).

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