I am quite partial to a few Ed Sheeran songs. Famous ones like the A Team I enjoy (although the message of that one isn’t so great). But one I have come across recently that I really enjoy is called Wake me Up.

It highlights little moments between two people, moments that cement their feelings for one another (at least that is what I read into it). Walking along the beach and finding a heart shaped stone, watching a film together, laughing together, running a bath for her… I just love the way he describes those little moments and if you listen to the video here, he amazingly tells the story of how he come to do the track, basically he got wasted and wrote this… I wish I was a 100th of the song writer when sober as Ed is when drunk. I don’t know if what he is saying is the truth, I like to think it is though.

It makes me think back to previous girlfriends. Moments that we had, things that have stuck in my old head for anything up to 30 years, moments that will never be anything again (I wonder where they are now?) and makes me think of why do I not have those moments now.

I won’t post the lyrics but they are easily found online if you wish, I would say listen to the video as he sounds great live.



11 thoughts on “WAKE ME UP

    1. I am not into all his stuff, but I do like the details in his songs, they strike me as more “real” that other songs in that genre.

      1. There’s a whole depth to that genre – each more sincere than the next. James Vincent Morrow looks like being the next one to break through into daylight.
        Remember – you heard it here first! 😀
        But yeah – Ed sounds like the real deal.

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