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To set the mood first play one of my favourite reoccurring tracks: this.

Oh how I wish you were here with me this day (every day), the summer sun is just about to dip beneath the horizon and we would lay back and watch the inky dark clouds of night chase away the stunning blue of the day, our fingers intertwined as the cooler, but still warm breeze, washes over us.

Then as the blue had been completely chased away I would turn to face you, I remember your features so well, your dark as night hair and pale skin, those eyes so deep and dark that I could fall into them forever, my fingers brush your face as your hands rests against mine.

My heart feels love, it has done for an age now, every time I see you the butterflies rise and I want to say to you the words that I so long to say and yet I am afraid that you will not say them back to me, and yet you lie here with me, surely you feel it too.

I put my hand to your breast and feel the solid beat of your heart through your summer dress, this is how I want to spend my life, with her.

In years to come, when we are old we will again lay in amongst the tall grass and relive that moment again and I will look at you in the same way I did then.




14 thoughts on “LATE SUMMER SUN

    1. I was watching a program yesterday about the universe and solar system etc and it was speaking about suns in general and their lifespan etc. It is amazing how small and insignificant this planet is really. So when I see pictures like that with the Sun in the background, a Sun that we take very much for granted I in a little bit of awe really about how everything all works and comes together.

      Yes the sun is looking like a fireball, and that is exactly how it should look as that of course is what it is, a massive, life giving fireball.

      1. Yes. It is and I thought about it after I wrote the comment (duh me). The way it is portrayed in the picture makes it appear as if it were about to drop into the forest/landscape and consume it.

      2. Sometimes it’s the little things, the little moments that are lost to insignificance, but sometimes they are the big things that should be remembered.

      3. Significance is in the eye of the beholder. My insignificant moments are the most significant of all (to me) and yet the events that capture the public eye and imagination are (to me) like so much dust blowing across an infinite plain.

      4. It is all down to (I think) of how we see the world around us, sometimes we look but do not see, at least not properly.

      5. Oh never – I’m quite sure that we never see what really is. But I’ve become accustomed. It’s because we are so noisy and get in the way. I’m trying to quiet my mind, but even the sound of ‘shhhh’ echoes so much that it drowns out the quiet voice of ‘…….’ 🙂

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