photo Fish.jpg
Credit Unknown

Rolling backwards off the back of the boat I had the sensation of plunging into the crystalline blue ocean followed by an eerie silence as I accustomed myself to being underwater. I hang lazily like a leaf caught in an updraught. I turned in a slow circle to get a gauge on my surroundings, the view was outstanding; blues of various shades shimmered in every direction getting darker and darker the further they were from me. I squinted, trying to see beyond the point of absolute darkness and I shivered slightly when I thought about what could be out there beyond my sight.

The same hues of blue were beneath me too, although I could just make out the sea bed way below me, white sand, rocks, plants and fish bringing the whole place alive with life. I slowly headed downwards, trails of bubbles snaked behind me making their way to the surface. Then I saw the shadow, moving along the sea floor. It was moving fast, coming towards me from my right. I stopped a looked backwards expecting to see a large shark heading towards me, mouth open looking for an early lunch. Instead I could see thousands of fish shimmering in the diffused light of the Sun. as they swam beneath me they gathered together in a large funnel moving round me quickly.

It was a strange sensation, I could feel the displacement of water around me but there was no noise. The fish were fairly large; every one of them looked like a clone of the other. I was motionless, something didn’t feel quite right but I was looking in awe at this mass moving quickly around me. I them remembered why fish swam in this manner; it was from protection from a predator. I turned quickly, frantically looking in all directions panic rising from the pit of my stomach, all the while the fish moved faster and faster, their beady eyes fixed on me the whole time.

Ahead of me some fish parted and the large blue/grey snout of a Tiger Shark pushed through the mass, jaws open to catch its prey it turned to me and headed in for a taste of bigger game.



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