You know your childhood is well behind you when you read this and say to yourself “oh yeah I remember doing that and it was fun).

Did you do this as a kid, can you remember it if you did?



5 thoughts on “CHAKWAIRA

  1. Surprisingly, I actually can’t remember myself ever doing that! However, I do remember always being (and still am) terrified of getting splinters, getting mud on my shoes, getting cut by glass on the ground if I walked barefoot, etc. I always thought of myself as a bit of a tomboy, but clearly not as much as I thought I was, if the mud-phobia is any indication!

    1. Hi Mary, Thanks for posting. Squelching mud I used to avoid, even as a kid I thought it would suck me under and I’d drown in the stuff, but even so it does seem to have a therapeutic quality (as long as the mud isn’t deep) but barefoot on grass, loved that, I’ve not done it in years but my reflexologist swears by it, I just need to find the opportunity.

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