Hopefully you guys enjoyed the tracks from last month, but a fresh month is upon us and here are some more links to peruse. I am having great fun not just finding the tracks to showcase but also the images to use. There are so many artists and tracks out there you could literally spend a lifetime searching and you would not hear them all.

1: Etapp Kyle – Boiler Room x Generator Berlin DJ Set

Every now and then I get an email in my inbox from various websites relating to music. One of them is from Boiler Room and various DJs do sets there. This one is from Etapp Kyle whom I had never heard of before listening to this. The website at Resident Advisor lists him as a techno DJ and whilst I can hear that towards the middle of his set I still don’t think that this is the kind of techno that I listened to years back, that was harsh, abrasive noise whereas this just makes me want to go to a club, clutch my bottle of water and dance. And the crowd (who are normally so bad on Boiler Rooms are actually dancing like they mean it as well).

At nearly an hour long it may not be suitable for todays listener as quick and fast (in terms of time rather than beats)  seems to be the thing of today, certainly not everyone’s cup of tea but if you get an hour and you wanna rock along in your chair or even up standing, it is well worth a listen.


2: Lotte Kestner – Halo

Whilst I heard this track a little while ago I’ll admit that I have yet to actually explore any more of her tracks but this track, oh my. Personally I think the way Lotte sings things absolutely blows the Beyonce version out of the water and is far superior.

Also the video montage that has been put together to this track is absolutely stunning, not only because it has a collection of beautiful women in it but a lot of those pictures some across like they could be a memory, a moment where you spent some time without someone you care a lot about, little memories collected together and placed in a tribute to this track. I could imagine this is a track that two people would dedicate to each other and years down the line, even if they are not together it would make each person think of the other. Beautiful track.


3: Halou – Milkdrunk

What an interesting voice. A lot of the artists I like best have distinctive voices and Rebecca from Halou has that in spades. I actually used to think that they were a Scandinavian band but apparently they were formed in California, absolutely superb track that I just have to shut up and listen to every time, as well as hitting repeat at least twice. I bought the album of the back of this track and sadly I seem to have lost it.


4: Delerium – Silence feat. Sarah McLachlan (Michael Woods Remix)

Her voice is like an angel’s in this track, that is all I know. So clear, precise and it fills the room with emotion everytime I hear it. I think if some had a voice this pure and sung to me I would be in love. A definite close your eyes and get lost in the music kind of track.

There are a number of mixes of this track, all the same words just different music. I think this is the best mix, just the whole thing seems slowed down. There seems to be a lot more mixes of this track than is on the album, but we also have DJ Tiësto’s In Search Of Sunrise Remix, which for me is good, but all a little to fast and racy, we also have Fade’s Sanctuary Mix, which I think is an excellent mix, the chanting that crops up occasionally goes really well. Also whilst not on the album there is this original mix which I found interesting, again chanting but more in a religious, monastery kind of way.


5: Foals – Spanish Sahara

I recently got introduced to the Foals and went and bought all four of their albums, I’ll admit I am not taken by all of their tracks but they are a very good band. I also recommend watching their session on KEXP, some good stuff to be heard.


Do you like any of these bands?



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