House on the River
Credit: Trynacu2 – Click for Original

Here is another view of the house from further upstream, it doesn’t look nearly as foreboding.

I love both the textured and the untextured (the one shown) version of this photograph; the textured version takes me to a ghost story. A menacing house where unspeakable atrocities were performed a bit like how I imagine the Amityville Horror, I search the windows and the areas near the house for ghostly figures and stand and face the camera. It is fantastically eerie. The untextured version still shows an eerie house but some of the mood has been tempered.

If I were here I would definitely want to be with a small group and wouldn’t go anywhere alone. I can imagine staying here and waking up to this view, the snow kicked it a few hours previously you wake up under a lovely warm quilt and shower then dress. Decent boots, Jeans and thick white aran jumper complete with beanie hat, I’d want to get outside to gauge how cold it is, maybe walk around that large balcony/veranda? On the ground level, taking in the view and feeling the cold rain pin prick you on exposed skin, your breath forming grey clouds as you breathe out.

it is deathly silent as you stand outside, you cannot even here the noises of nature and it feels like you and the group you are with are the only people left alive in the world. Your cheeks begin to feel hot with the sub minus temperatures but it is a feeling you quite enjoy, it makes you feel alive.

If I were in this scenario I envisage “her” standing near me, she is dressed for winter too, white, patterned bobble hat makes her look cute and her smile warms through to your heart, Her teeth are “chattering” a little and she wants to go back inside but I’d pull her close to me and kiss her, long and lingering and then she would turn and bury herself in my chest facing outwards, my arms wrapped round her, my hands meeting at her belly. We would stay outside until we hear the calls of our house mates and then we would make our way to the kitchen, the smell of cooked breakfast and coffee would invade our nostrils and we would all sit and eat before making out plans for the day…

Do you get anything from this picture? Is it just a bit meh for you or do you find something rich and interesting in it? Please share your thoughts either way.





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