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Credit | Aspenbreeze | Click to check them out

A deep breath in through the nose, keep going until your lungs are full and then slowly breath out through the nose, repeat as many times as you want. Say nothing just look around you at the splendour. There is a chill coming off the snow covered mountains, but that is OK, you are dressed for the occasion; besides what is it they say? There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. or something along those lines.

This was truly fresh air; not like when you’re working in an office in the middle of a large city and you “pop out” for some fresh air which normally equates to a cigarette break (which is everything bar fresh unto-itself), because of course the air is far from fresh on those occasions. This air however was truly fresh, like it has been filtered many times to remove the impurities leaving you with fresh, wholesome air with which to fill your lungs and nourish your soul. Breathe in…exhale, breathe in… exhale.

I boarded the rowing boat and dragged my fishing gear off of the jetty after me; after ensuring everything was settled and not going to shift I sat on the bench, my beanie hat pulled far over my ears and the padded jacket done up to the top. Gripping the oars in my hands I cast off and slowly made my way towards the centre of the lake, I could see my breath on the frigid air. It was so quiet up here; the only noise was the quiet sploshing of the water from my poor oarsmanship.

The journey out into the lake was uneventful and once I got out far enough I assembled my fishing gear, cast out and settled in for a quiet night of angling.



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