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A flurry of snow and a bite of cold wind encouraged 10 pairs of eyes to look towards the entrance to see who had entered the small café and disturbed the delicate balance of getting the temperature to a comfortable level;  A tall, slim man wrapped in a thin wind cheater and scarf removed his hat and uttered an apology to those that had already escaped from the outside weather into their little cocoon of warmth that was the café. He moved sheepishly towards the counter to place his order.

The chilly interruption had pulled me from my day dream and as the ambient temperature slowly rose back to pre tall, slim man I turned back to my steaming coffee and took to looking out the window to the world going past. I had purposely turned up early to do this, I find it relaxing. Seeing others walk passed wrapped up against the cold, heading to places I had no knowledge of. It is quite a freeing experience and I recommend it should it be something that you have not done before.

I looked at my watch, 2.45pm. Only 15 minutes more and she would be here.

Just gone 3pm I saw her on the other side of the street, red woollen beanie hat with a fluffy white bobble on top, large white scarf and a mottled grey and black coat, jeans and brown ugg boots. I felt the smile cross my face not only because she would be here soon but also because her mismatch of colours in what she wore was quirky. I liked that about her; in fact there were many things that I liked about her.

She kept her head down against the snow which was flying in almost horizontally at the moment, she made her way across the road and I lost sight of her for a few seconds before she passed the café window from my right to left. I followed her movements to the end of the building where she turned left, reached for the door and quickly came in shutting the door quickly behind her before the cold had a chance to kill the temperature again.

She looked quickly around the small café taking in all who she sure and then spotted me sitting over by the window. She smiled her wonderful smile, a smile that reached her eyes and made them sparkle like semi precious stones. I liked that about her; in fact there were many things that I liked about her.

Her arms wrapped around my neck and she gave me a quick kiss on the lips, my face nuzzled into her neck and I could smell the subtle aroma of Chanel No5 on her skin, I breathed in deeply. She always smelt so good.

We need to go now before the snow gets worse” she said pulling at my arm.
You’re always so impatient” I replied jokingly as I gulped my coffee and pulled on my coat. I looked at her as I wrapped up with my scarf and hat, she was looking around the café at the other people biting lightly on her bottom lip, she saw me looking and encourage me to hurry up by widening her eyes and gesturing with her hands, she has gorgeous eyes, I liked that about her; in fact there were many things that I liked about her.

We moved towards the exit and left the warmth of the café as quickly as we could hoping that we would not be chastised as the thin guy had been, the cold immediately bit into any exposed skin and the snow felt like razors. Heads down we made our way along the pavement back across the front of the building just had she had done a few minutes earlier. Our gloved hands were intertwined and she was pulling me along eager to get wherever we were heading.

After about 10 minutes we reached a shop and she stopped and looked in the window, it was a jewellers and all the silver and gold shone and glittered in the bright lights of the display. I looked at her confused “why are we here” I asked her she turned and looked at me, her other hand reached out to mine so that both her hands were holding both of smile, she had a sly smile on her face.

I chose a ring and I hope you like it” she said.

A ring? what ring?” I replied slightly confused.

We can go in and you can try it on” she replied tugging at my arm.

OK hun, we can do that” my reply was nervous, I wasn’t sure what was going on.
I looked her in the eyes and there was a sparkle there. What was she up to? We stood at the door to the shop, I was concious of the snow, the wind and her standing there looking straight at me.

Will you marry me” she announced confidently, standing a little taller as she formulated the words. I looked at her, the butterflies in my stomach leaped into my throat, I was shocked and surprised and terrified and happy all at the same time

yes, absolutely” I replied without hesitation, my voice shaky “but isn’t it me supposed to be asking you that question”.

She rolled her eyes, “This is the 21st Century you know, and I can ask if I want to” She paused ” And I wanted to”.

I smiled and pulled her in close and we kissed. She turned on her heal turned the handle and went inside still holding me by the hands pulling me inside with her.

I loved this girl; in fact there were many things that I loved about her.

I was happily just writing away not really sure where this was going, and then I realised that I had no idea where it was going but didn’t want to drop the scenario I had set. It was then I noticed the “in fact there were many things that I liked about her.” line had potential and so used that to progress. The like turning to love in the end seemed a logical step.

Saying that I am still not sure that I am happy with it, I want to portray behaviour and body language and really don’t think that I do that well, but still.


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