photo Venice.jpg

credit: unknown

There is that sweet point at the end of the day but before night time that feels electric. Dusk. That point in time when you have got back to your hotel from the sightseeing, showered and dressed. You feel fresh and alive, the scent of good aftershave clings to the guys and wafts of beautiful smelling perfume from the women fill the air.

It is still warm from the day, the residual heat that sank into stone and brick still radiates and you find a fantastic restaurant looking out upon the canals of Venice, I think it has to be a seafood restaurant, Dry white wine flows freely, maybe a Chablis or a Puligny-Montrachet chilled to perfection, mussels with white wine & cream maybe a fish curry for main (yes I know this is a picture of Venice… in Italy).

Then suitably sated you would slowly walk around the town, hand in hand.


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