The word admiration makes it sound like a fetish and I don’t think that I have a fetish with any particular part of the anatomy. I like women and I appreciate many aspects of women, from the top of their head to the tips of their toes. A particular face shape, bone structure, and smooth, toned skin are some examples of the physical nature of women that I like. But if you want to go deeper it isn’t only about the physical (although if you are together you should be attracted to a woman) but also on other aspects. I’ve known a few very good looking women whom I considered ugly due to their personality. I am not a lover of fake either, some fake is more acceptable than others but generally fake is not a massive attraction for me. Maybe good for a fling or sex (not that many/any women want me for that) but not as a partner, a soul mate, or the “ONE” (does that even exist?)

What do you think?



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