Whilst there is something about the chill of Autumn and Winter that I really like, nothing beats summer. Not the intense heat of the main summer months (although intense heat in SE England is pretty rare) I mean the wonderfully warm evenings that crop up from time to time.

Evenings like this are for the countryside, getting out there with the one you want to be with, lying in amongst the long grass cuddling surrounded by the smells and sounds of summer. Staying until late evening when the stars shine in their millions and then being in awe at such a beautiful sight.

These are simple pleasures and ones that easily slip away with the hustle and bustle of getting through life.

Do you like these types of evenings? what things do you like to do when (or if) they come around?




5 thoughts on “SUNDOWN

  1. My hubby and I are ‘summer’ people. We moved to Spain for that reason. Summer somehow makes us feel more alive and free and even here in Spain we get the odd days that remind us we have not entirely escaped ‘winter’ although it is not as cold as England we still need to cuddle up in front of the fire occasionally! We also have memories of and beautiful English summer the year we met – a long time ago now but your writing reminds me of those days. Comforting.

  2. I’m a Summer person and although I’ve come to appreciate the many joys of the other seasons, I’m happiest in the warm months of Spring and Summer.

    I love the countryside and appreciate it more now that we have it on our doorstep. But Summer in the city is a treat, the freedom of being out and about in just a T-shirt and jeans, no need for six layers of clothing and a jacket. Eating out, watching the world pass by at pavement cafes, listening to music at a outdoor event or just wandering through the city’s parks and green spaces in the sunshine, just can’t beat it.

    1. yeah, it is true, it is difficult to beat those moments. the joys of Autumn and Winter are indeed different. If I had to choose then Spring/Summer would be my choices

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