I was debating whether to put this image up, I wasn’t sure why it resonated with me but thinking about it I do know why it resonates with me, I was just kidding myself that it didn’t. I guess images are powerful, just like music and other things, what you get from them are personal to you. Sure other people may feel similar things but ultimately what you get out of it is yours alone.

Firstly the image strikes me as fairly old, maybe 1970s, there is the light leak on the right, the slightly grainy look to it, of course it could be a modern photo made to look old, but that is fine too. I seem to have a thing about 1970s pictures (or indeed pictures that look like that they come from that time), I was a kid throughout the 70s and I guess it reminds me of me, on the outside looking in in some scenarios.

Secondly the caption, I am on the fence with captions on photographs, often those “motivational” things you get on pictures, especially those on facebook for example annoy the hell out of me. But this one, the pursuit of happiness, I like it is short and sweet, something I have been pursuing for a long time, sometimes I am happy ; sometime I am not but I always feel I have this air of sadness or melancholy about me, it feels so ingrained that it is a part of me, I hate it. (I need to reprogramme those neural pathways.)

Thirdly, the guy seems like an outsider too, at least 2 of the group are women and I wonder if he is wanting to be in their group, to have company, friends even, he is standing there looking forlornly at them and I wonder if he manages to get in with the group he will achieve his own happiness.

That’s what I get from it; I would be really interested to hear other thoughts.



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