Credit: Williams-Cairns Photography | Click Picture

I think that it is the big sky that does it for me, look at it… don’t glance, but look, look how far it stretches off into the distance and this is just a tiny percentage of the planet. If I had hair I am sure that I would love feeling the breeze coming in off the ocean in it.

I want to walk to the end of this pier but I don’t want to do it purposefully like I have to be there, at the end. I want to take a meandering walk, stopping at points along the way, resting with arms folded on the barriers looking at the water or out in the distance, feeling the knotty warmth under my skin.

It seems very calm on the day of this photograph, perhaps it is so clear that I can see the sea floor, lighter areas that are sand, darker areas that are seaweed, with luck I’d see fish darting about. Then once I am ready I’ll move further down to that end bit that you cannot actually see properly, behind the building.

I wouldn’t want to be here on a very hot day though, not unless I had a chair, an umbrella for shade and a cool-box full of refreshing soft drinks, a hot day would be fine then; sitting and chilling out, popping cans of 7up and feeling the cold spray against your arm as it does its initial fizz as you pop the ring-pull, then looking down and seeing hundreds of those tiny little bubbles in the hair of your arms.

Nor would I want to be here during a fierce storm, as much as I like storms at the beach they can be dangerous if out on a pier constructed mainly of wood, so whilst I’d happily be in the vicinity for a storm, I’d watch that from a safe distance, on land somewhere behind the camera.

The day depicted in the picture seems ideal to me, sometime between spring and late summer. Depending on the when it may have that little nip appears in the air in the evening but the days are still t-shirt weather. I’d like to feel the breeze on my face and let my face muscles relax and just let myself drift away, I can hear lapping water, birds squawking, and the wind you can feel brush lightly over you rather than hear although sometimes when you’re facing a certain direction you can hear it in your eardrums.

I could spend hours here thinking about everything or nothing. I could be on my own contemplating everything or I could be with her, standing behind her my arms around her waist, her hair wild in the breeze, I kiss the soft skin on her neck just below and behind her ear, I breathe in her scent. Secure, safe.

Do you get anything from this picture? Is it just a bit meh for you or do you find something rich and interesting in it? Please share your thoughts either way.




20 thoughts on “OCEAN VIEW

    1. I imagine there would be a place to eat. Perhaps a cosy seafood place where the air is filled with the smell of battered fish and chips, or even a tea shop where you can get tea and scones (how very British though).

      1. It is very evocative. It is for all intents and purposes a pretty standard photograph and yet I love how our minds can wander off and paint little scenarios. I hadn’t thought of eating places until your comment planted the seed and then I had to relook at the photo and imagine that, the sights and smells, even the interior of the place.

        Thanks for commenting. Oh and sorry for the delay in replying for some reason your comment go bagged by askimet on WP, I have of course changed that now.

      2. I wonder what algorithm it uses to determine spam, I get the obvious stuff but not so obvious stuff that turns out isn’t spam,

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