Credit: Unknown

There is a static charge in the air, you can feel the difference; it is palpable. Dark menacing clouds loom high in the distance and it is like hell has come to pay a visit. Suddenly a flash of lightning forks from those clouds and you find yourself subconsciously counting upwards to roughly calculate the distance between you and that lightning, hitting 10 before the grumbling roll of thunder washes over you, and then you smile, you cannot help it, and the anticipation of an electrical storm is exciting

You feel excited and a little scared, you know you shouldn’t really be outside during this storm, the tree in the distance will offer no shelter and even the cawing crows are flying away looking for a place to stay for the duration. The last hints of sun shine on the black clouds underbelly as it is defeated into temporary submission. Perhaps there is a barn or other shelter just past that tree, you press forward pulling your collar up higher around your neck as the first fat drops of rain fall on the ground.




  1. very atmospheric picture. Your words describe it beautifully. It reminds me of an exercise I did at school many moons ago. I often ‘daydream’ and used to get into trouble for it, but not now; now my hubby is ‘used to’ me going off somewhere inside my head. I think that is a required place for for more than just contemplation. A lovely blog that has set me whistfully meandering………

    1. Hi Mogsya

      Thanks for your comments. I do like a good daydream πŸ™‚

      Thanks also for your kind words I like the idea of wistfully meandering, may you wistfully meander through some more posts that you enjoy.

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