click for original : credit: Garry

I want to walk along this beach. I can feel the warmth from the last rays of sun brushing my skin and the cold firmness of the sand giving slightly under my feet with a slight crunch. I would be in loose fitting linen shorts and a white t-shirt, sunglasses tucked down the front of the t-shirt.

The conch would be a good find on an empty beach like this. You would have to put it to your ear to listen to the sea coming from within the shell, smiling as you do so. It would be a fantastic romantic walk or maybe time out alone to just get away from everyone and unwind. My Mum had a conch very similar to this I wonder where it has gone.

Do you get anything from this picture? Is it just a bit meh for you or do you find something rich and interesting in it? Please share your thoughts either way.






  1. Funny that a picture can take you elsewhere. I flipped through old photographs earlier tonight and watched my already liver life play before me, forgotten things, things left abandoned by memory or by choice. Others rekindled an old love for old parts of an old life.
    All the while feet planted on solid ground.
    Fantasy vs reality, right? It’s funny how the two can intertwine.

    1. I was flicking through some of my old pictures recently too, sadly I don’t have that many but they still push up memories of times gone past, locations visited etc, I really enjoy that.

      1. It’s a beautiful mirage. You think you can get out but you can’t. The only sounds are the wind blowing and water splashing on shore. There are no animals, no one else is present. This place forces you to be alone with your thoughts and reflect. Only after you’ve come to the realization (whatever the answer to that question that took you there in the first place) is revealed can you leave. Then it seems all like a dream. hahaha. It’s fantastical. Sorry hope that didn’t completely go in a different direction from what you were looking for.

      2. 🙂 I wasn’t looking for any direction I was interested in your interpretation. I like it, I wonder though if you couldn’t ever answer the question that took you there if you would tire of the beauty of it.

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