Magnus Birgersson is a Swede from Gothenburg and in the late 90s created Solar Fields he has used this medium to create his sound (currently over 12 releases). You can find out more about him and what he does at http://www.solarfields.com/

Leaving home is the first release I purchased from Solar Fields and this is certainly one for a quiet room and some headphones (or a great HiFi set up). One thing I love about this album is that the last track is a seamless mix of all the individual tracks before it so you can listen to 120 minutes of peacefulness without those annoying little breaks between tracks.

For me, listening to this album is like a story gently weaving its musical thread throughout my mind, so many little instruments and noises that filter though when you are concentrating on the music and in my mind I have tried to marry the title with the music literally as if I have left home either on a journey to somewhere new, or leaving in terms of moving away and each track is a different stage of that journey.

I have highlighted a few of my favs below, hope you enjoy.

Leaving Home – Solar Fields

1. Home 04:41
2. Time Slide 05:01
3. Insum 08:23 *
4. Star Fruit 01:05
5. Magnetosphere (Star Fruit Part 2) 02:44
6. Stereo Hypnosis (Magnetosphere Part 2) 04:08
7. Air Song 12:21
8. Cocoon Moon (Glastonbury Festival 2005 Mix) 10:36
9. Monogram 15:44
10. Times Are Good 07:41
11. Leaving Home 07:27
12. Leaving Home (Full album continuous mix) 01:19:56





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