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It is an exceptionally hot day today, the searing heat seems to lack oxygen and it flows into my lungs like hot lava, My skin is hot to the touch, my arms and legs a golden brown under the sun bleached hairs, my face equally brown but covered in a high factor sun cream. I move closer to the water leaving small sandy explosions behind me until I reach the hard packed wetter sand near the water where I sit down cross legged.

This is better… Although still extremely hot and surrounded by inferior mirages of heat rising from the sand like a running river I am getting the occasional cool spray from the waves breaking on the beach a short distance away, it is a sparse because the waves are relatively gentle but the occasional gust of hot wind throws welcome relief my way.

I need to relax. After a week working in a stuffy office I had come to the beach to unwind and let the office dirt drift away. I close my eyes and let my face muscles relax, moving my head in small circles to weed out the creeks and knots in the muscles. I let my shoulders relax and my hands sit limp in my lap, I try and empty my mind. Through my shorts I can feel the clammy dampness of the sand seep through to my skin.

I begin to breathe deeply; taking a lung full of air through my mouth before releasing it slowly through my nose, my arms are feeling tight so I begin to massage the defined muscle in them with my thumbs, first my left arm and then my right, pushing into the skin the release the tightness that has built up over the week.

My breathing becomes more shallow as I listen to the world around me, I can hear the waves breaking of the beach then a gentle whoosh as the water is sucked back into the ocean, the occasional bird would squawk some distance away but most had relegated themselves to cooler locales inside the many caves along the cliff face, and a bell ringing on a buoy about 500 yards into the crystal clear blue/green ocean.

I open my eyes, squinting slightly at the bright light then stand. I run my fingers through wavy, dirty blonde hair and then bend down to touch my toes. The Ocean is close to me and I walk towards it, a determined walk, the little pits showing the outline of my feet bounce back up and I head into the water. The shallow parts of the water are warm, like standing in a constantly moving bath; before long I am up to my waist and and that point I lean forward and drop into the sea. My muscular arms effortlessly doing a front crawl making headway towards the buoy. I reach it within a few minutes holding onto it as I survey my surroundings.

The wind was more noticeable out here, it was still warm but it threw off fine sprays of water from the breakers as they came into the beach, I loved this feeling, my body felt immersed in a calming liquid as the sun attempted to cook everything else. I dipped my head underwater to cool off and then shook the excess off.

I stayed there bobbing up and down in unison with the buoy for 10 minutes and then headed back to shore. out onto the beach my shorts dripped water onto the sand, I grabbed my towel and headed back to my apartment which was a short distance away. “I think Ill come back and do that again tomorrow” I said to myself as I felt the heat on my back.

Do you get anything from this picture? Is it just a bit meh for you or do you find something rich and interesting in it? Please share your thoughts either way.



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