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If you follow the link the guy that took this says “A colour outtake of my ribbon winner. I was going to go for this but am glad I went B and W. I love the birds in this one, but the guy’s arm in the air was bothering me.” I’ve tried to find the B&W version but I cannot see it, he won something with the B&W so I guess it is pretty good, as for me I am loving the colours in this one, yeah the guys arms is distracting but he could have photoshopped that out, The guy standing on the rocks is a great silhouette to the image.

But the sky, and those clouds, wow, in fact I have only just realised that if you turn your head the the left the clouds look like the outline of a city, a side on view of tall buildings.

I’ve noticed that I seem to be on a bit of a “thing” with coastal/beach pictures at the moment and I cannot help it, I love those feelings of walking a beach front, especially at dusk after a warm day, the smells, the breeze, the warmth, the noise of the water, everything about it perks me up, I can sit in silence for hours just watching it all go by, taking deep breaths so the salty air can invade my lungs.

I love rock pools as well, little oasis of clear water where small crabs and other creatures live until the next high tide, sadly there are not too many beaches (to my knowledge) near me with rock pools, but I enjoy exploring them, I remember doing that as a kid with my dad on summer holidays.

Do you like beaches? if so what is your favourite beach pass time?

Do you get anything from this picture? Is it just a bit meh for you or do you find something rich and interesting in it? Please share your thoughts either way.




5 thoughts on “REMAINS OF THE DAY

  1. Wonderful colours going on there! Looks like the two silhouettes are doing yoga…hm, perhaps the Trikonasana and the Tadasana? Vancouver is all about nature and yoga, so I can pretty much attest to the fact that doing yoga by the ocean is one of the most relaxing things to try. It’s a shame it’s much too cold to do that now :(.

    1. They could be doing Yoga; I’ve no idea of the terms you used though :), I am about as flexible as a piece of plasterboard so that will give some indication of my yoganess haha. I imagine for those that do it though, by the ocean would be superb, especially on a fantastic evening like that shown. It is getting a bit chilly over here in the UK now, so as you say, I guess yoga by the beach is only for the brave at the moment.

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